SciTech is one of the leading suppliers for specialised equipment and instrumentation catering for Life Science & Biomedical Research, Pathology & Histopathology, Physical Sciences & Engineering, Materials Science, Education, Defence Science, Astronomy, Agricultural Science, OEMs and Industrial QC & Machine Vision.

Our technical and application team is one of the most experienced in our industry.
Products and Services include:

  • Cameras, accessories and illumination systems.
  • Microscopy and confocal systems, upgrades and accessories
  • Imaging, 3D/4D visualization and image analysis software.
  • Electrophysiology and Behavioural science technology solutions.
  • Spectroscopy: Raman, LIBS, Nano-IR, s-SNOM
  • Nanotechnology and Surface Metrology; AFM, Profilometry, Mechanical testing
  • Data Acquisition
  • Turn-key, customised solutions.