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Jun 1, 2016

Research AFM System for Material & Life Science

Nanosurf AG introduces the FlexAFM - one of the most versatile and flexible atomic force microscopes ever, allowing a large variety of applications to be performed easily.

Nanosurf AG is a manufacturer and supplier of nano-microscopes for industrial and academic research, as well as for educational purposes.

Whether you want to operate the FlexAFM in air or in liquid environments, in Materials Science or Life Science applications, in standard imaging or advanced measurement modes, on a standard sample stage or on an inverted microscope, it makes no difference. The FlexAFM is compatible with many types of inverted microscopes and readily combines AFM and optical data (fluorescence/phase contrast/bright field).

Key features and benefits include flat and linear scanning thanks to the flexure-based scanner technology. True flexibility is achieved with exchangeable cantilever holders that have been optimized for specialized tasks.

Measurement modes include Lateral Force Microscopy, Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy, Scanning Thermal Microscopy and Fluid Force Microscopy.

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