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Welcome to the SciTech Life Science Newsletter highlighting the latest technology innovations in Imaging, Microscopy, NanoScience and Spectroscopy.

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Special Promotions
Jenoptik ProgRes CT5 Microscope Camera

Purchase a ProgRes CT5 5MP camera for the same price as the CT3 3MP camera (subject to availability).

Experience the high performance and quality of a German manufactured microscope camera for a very affordable price. Outstanding CMOS technology makes these ProgRes cameras the first choice for a lower cost imaging solution.


Image Pro Plus and Image Pro Premier Upgrade Special.

Save 20% on Image Pro Plus and Image Pro Premier upgrades.

Offer valid untill December 21st 2012.


Gel Documentation Clearance Sale!!

Contact Scitech for further details.

Andor spinning disk confocal
Microscopy Solutions
Andor Revolution XD
The only solution when life is so precious

The Andor Revolution XD is a family of flexible system solutions focused on live cell imaging. At the heart of our systems is the CSU-X spinning disk technology from YokogawaŽ, the industry leader in this technology, and broadly considered the best choice for sensitive live-cell confocal imaging.

Combining the ground breaking Neo sCMOS or iXon Ultra EMCCD cameras with the 10,000 rpm CSU-X, allows Andor to offer unprecedented image capture rates for high speed applications such as ion signalling or tracking. Andor is unique in manufacturing many of the core system components and so can ensure optimum performance and reliability in solutions tailored to your application needs.

Multi Photon Solutions
IntraVital 2P from Till Photonics

Introducing the IntraVital 2P microscope, for intravital 2 photon imaging. Designed specifically for in-vivo applications, the system offers a compact and more stable solution with higher light collection efficiency than the larger systems and at a significantly lower cost.


Digital Slide Scanner
Digital Slide Scanners
Pannoramic 250 Flash, 
250 Slide Scanner for Brightfield and Fluorescence

The Pannoramic 250 Flash: the next generation of digital slide scanners has arrived! Featuring a 250 slide capacity and a new faster scanning technology with the award-winning Pannoramic image quality. It is the ultimate scanning solution.  The Pannoramic Flash can achieve up to 43x magnification in brightfield and 63x in fluorescence. The updated slide loader allows for slides ranging from 0.9 to 1.2 mm in thickness.   

Andor Ultra
Scientific and Microscope Cameras
NEW Andor iXon Ultra 897 -
Ultimate Sensitivity... Supercharged!

Facilitated by a fundamental redesign, the NEW iXon Ultra platform takes the popular back-illuminated 512 x 512 frame transfer sensor and overclocks readout to 17 MHz, pushing speed performance to an outstanding 56 fps (full frame), while maintaining quantitative stability throughout.


The status of 'Ultimate Sensitivity' is also preserved in this model, offering thermoelectric cooling down to -100°C and industry-lowest clock induced charge noise. Additional unique features of the iXon Ultra include USB connectivity and direct raw data access for 'on-the-fly' processing. EMCCD and conventional CCD readout modes provide heightened application flexibility, with a new 'low and slow' noise performance in CCD mode.  

Software - Image Analysis and Visualisation
Imaris Vantage from Bitplane

Rediscover data with a novel tool that lets you see and extract more information from intrinsically complex data sets. 


ImarisVantage is the perfect analytical tool to create and present complex data sets visualized in Imaris. Users can now produce informative plots in which object data can be shown in multiple scalable dimensions overlaid with original 3D volume data. 

Scientifica Ltd

SciTech has been appointed the exclusive distributor for Scientifica Ltd for Australia and New Zealand.  Scientifica Ltd manufacture a wide range of products for Electrophysiology.


These include the ultra-stable Patchstar & Microstar micromanipulators, platforms and stages, the Slicescope fixed stage microscopes, Imaging systems, amplifiers, data acquisition systems, complete rigs and Multi Photon solutions. 

Lumencor SPECTRA X light engine

The Lumencor SPECTRA X light engine now offers the spectral breadth of an arc lamp and the flexibility of a filter wheel in its most powerful and comprehensive solid state light engine design.

The SPECTRA X model has been released to afford the end user the ability to easily exchange single band pass filters within the light engine. These field replaceable filters mean Lumencor can offer as many as 21 different bandpasses for use within the visible spectrum. There are no moving parts which enable high speed performance and long term durability.

Lumencor preserves performance in the form of a cool, stable, robust, spectrally pure and powerful illumination device with no lamps to replace.

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