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Mightex Optogenetics Systems

Mightex Systems, with operations based in Toronto, Canada, and in the Silicon Valley, California, is a leading supplier of photonic products and services for a broad spectrum of applications including industrial imaging, bio-photonic solutions, LED illumination, machine vision, life & health sciences, and industrial test & measurement etc.


Mightex Optogenetics Systems

OASIS Implant – Freely Behaving Cellular Resolution Calcium Imaging and Optogenetics

OASIS In Vivo Macro & Microscope Platform

Understand the Link Between Neural Circuits and Behaviour

The OASIS Implant is a ground-breaking platform for simultaneous cellular-resolution optogenetics and calcium imaging in freely-behaving animals to probe complex neuronal networks in the deep-brain, cortex, and multiple brain regions, or spinal cord.

  • Freely-Behaving Calcium Imaging and Optogenetics
  • Cellular-Resolution Optogenetics
  • Multi-Region Investigation
  • Reconfigurable Platform
  • High-Quality Imaging with Scientific Cameras

A Different Approach to Integrated Freely-Behaving Calcium Imaging and Optogenetics

To offer neuroscientists the ability to stimulate and visualize individual neurons in freely-behaving animals, Mightex’s engineers went back to the drawing board and pioneered a new path in the in vivo calcium imaging field. Instead of miniaturizing and placing the microscope on the animal – thereby limiting the microscope’s features and the animal’s behaviour – we kept the microscope out of the animal’s head by making use of long and flexible imaging fibers.

How It Works

By keeping the microscope away from the animal’s head, the OASIS Implant accomplishes 2 main goals:

Oasis Implant, optogenetics


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PhenoSys is a research- and development-oriented company based in Berlin, Germany. They engineer and market cutting edge technology for automated animal behaviour research. Their team draws on extensive expertise of electrical and mechanical engineering, computer science, and behavioural biology.

PhenoSys offers unique, automated instrumentation in the field of behaviour biology. This includes specialised applications of virtual reality and touch screen technology for animal behaviour environments and RFID (transponder) operated devices in home cage environments. Phenosys’ experimental systems are used for behavioural phenotyping, brain research, experimental psychology, and the diagnostic characterisation of animal models for translational medicine.



Virtual Reality for uncovering neural dynamics in decision making.

Virtual Reality Systems enable rats and mice to enter a virtual reality world. These platforms offer a revolutionary concept for research on animal learning, memory, cognition, and navigation. They provide an environment of optimal control when investigating how animals process complex information. Furthermore, simple and complex behaviour can be explored in-depth.

Their VR platforms are highly flexible and modular solutions. Stimulation is not only visual but can be extended to 3D sound, odours and tactile information. It is easy to interface to existing hard- and software for in-vivo measurements or brain stimulation.

JetBall TFT

Phenosys Virtual Reality for rats & mice

The air-cushioned spherical treadmill allows a restrained rodent to navigate in virtual space presented on a 270° TFT surround monitor.

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JetBall Dome

Phenosys Virtual Reality for rats & mice

The JetBall Dome allows a rodent to navigate in a virtual world presented by projecting into a spherical 1.2m igloo type screen.

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Phenosys SpeedBelt

The PhenoSys SpeedBelt is a linear treadmill designed for stand-alone applications or for the integration with our JetBall VR systems.

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TopoBelt large

Phenosys TopoBelt large

The PhenoSys TopoBelt is a linear treadmill designed for rats and similarly sized animals.

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Steering Wheel Add-on

Phenosys Steering Wheel

Rotational input add-on to the PhenoSys VR setups which allows probing mouse visual decisions.

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Wheel Add-on

Phenosys Wheel

Turn the ball of the JetBall system into a fully functional wheel within minutes.

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RFID technologies – Tracking and task automation for mice and rats

RFID technology is an ideal tool for long term studies of group housed animals. Standardized RFID implants allow the fast and accurate identification of animals which can be used for position tracking or access control. Different sensor types and geometries allow a large variety of applications.

  • Reduced operator interaction
  • Animal friendly group housing
  • Continuous 24/7 operation and data collection
  • Precise activity measurement for individuals


Phenosys IDspyder

Scalable system for adding animal tracking to test arenas.

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Phenosys IDsorter

For individual access from group housing to testing arenas.

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IDsorter for rats

Phenosys IDsorter for rats

For individual access from group housing to testing arenas.

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Phenosys Activity Monitor

Smart surveillance of group housed animals.

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Phenosys IDsensors

RFID sensors for animal identification and tracking

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Phenosys ColonyRack

System for the automated tracking of a large group of mice.

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Phenosys IDrevolyzer

Combines multiple running wheels with group housing.

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Phenosys Phenosys


The multi-channel olfactometer provides fast-response odour stimulation. It is a sophisticated tool for visualizing and quantifying activity in olfactory sensory neurons and the olfactory bulb for investigating olfactory quality coding. Our olfactometer systems allow perfect control of multiple stimuli and stimulus concentration.

The preparation of high quality odour mixtures is a complex process. With the automated olfactometer and its software this is made a standard laboratory routine that can be used and integrated easily for the behavioural assessment of odour-detection and for odour discrimination behaviour.

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Phenosys Phenosys

qOMR – Visual Acuity and Contrast Sensitivity

The optomotor response (OMR) is a reflex used to assess visual function. To evoke OMR, a mouse watches a striped pattern rotating within a cylinder. Stimulus-correlated head movements are quantified to determine visual thresholds.

The PhenoSys qOMR (quantitative OMR) is a unique system that automatically measures the OMR with minimal experimenter effort. It uses a virtual stimulation cylinder that continuously aligns with the animal´s head position. Based on real-time head tracking, quantitative OMR measurements run fully automatically and objectively. This is a PhenoSys Collaboration product that is brought to market together with its developer, Dr. Friedrich Kretschmer.

  • Simple, robust, and non-invasive test to examine vision in rodents
  • Fully automated measurement and analysis: no manual positioning of the stimulus, no specially trained experimenter required, time and cost effective, and unbiased
  • As a reflex, OMR measurements do not require animal training
  • Freely behaving animals, no surgery, no fixation
  • Flexible, user-friendly experimental design and data handling.

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Phenosys Phenosys

qOMR-XT – Vision testing for rats

The optomotor response measurement (OMR) is a proven method to assess visual function in rodents. The PhenoSys qOMR-XT extends the qOMR product line to applications where larger animals, such as adult rats are to be studied. It is a unique system that objectively measures the OMR with minimal experimenter effort. Based on real-time head tracking, quantitative OMR measurements automatically provide visual acuity and contrast sensitivity. This is a PhenoSys Collaboration product brought to market together with its developer, Dr. Friedrich Kretschmer.

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Phenosys Phenosys

Mini2P: All-In-One Suite

The Mini2P is a miniature two-photon microscope for fast, high-resolution, multi-plane calcium imaging in freely moving mice. Weighing under 3 g with a highly flexible connection cable, Mini2P enables stable imaging without hindering animal behaviour. Its optimized optical system allows stable simultaneous recordings of neuronal activity of more than thousand cells in different brain regions.

PhenoSys presents this innovative technology as a turnkey solution, including the miniature 2P microscope with its fiber optics, laser, detection unit and flexible DAQ hardware and software. Get your complete system and have it ready to run within hours.

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