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HiCATT -High-Speed Intensified Camera Attachment

The High-speed Intensified Camera Attachment (HiCATT) is designed for use with a high-speed camera. The HiCATT increases the sensitivity of a high-speed camera and allows low-light-level imaging applications at framerates up to 200000 fps. The HiCATT F-mount and C-mount connections offer optimal flexibility and are available in both 18 mm and 25 mm input diameter.

The technology in the HiCATT expands the dynamic range of a high-speed camera. At low light-level input, even single photons can be detected. While at high light levels, overexposure is prevented by the use of very short gate pulses (down less than 3 ns), reducing the duty cycle of the image intensifier by a factor of up to 10000 times. Moreover, these short exposures yield sharp images of fast moving objects.

High-Speed Imaging

The HiCATT upgrades your high-speed camera to the next level of performance. It is designed for use in combination with high-speed cameras. The HiCATT also boosts the intensity of incoming light at speeds up to 100 000 fps.

Compatible with your camera

With standard C-mount or F-mount input and output, the HiCATT is compatible with any high-speed camera. You can use their interactive calculatorto determine which intensifier and relay optics are best suited for your setup.

Ultra-Short Exposures

The gated image intensifier in the HiCATT enables exposure times down to 3 ns. At such short exposure times, motion blur is eliminated completely to ensure sharp images.

Optimized for your application

The HiCATT can be configured with a wide range of image intensifiers. Our experienced engineers will help you pick the right image intensifier for your application.

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