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High-speed imaging is a tool that can help you understand the motion of subjects that move too fast for the human eye to see. It enables you to capture a sequence of images within a very small amount of time that you can play back at a slow rate of speed to understand what is happening with your subject.

Typical cameras only capture at 30 frames per second. Some high speed cameras can capture 4000 frames per second, or up to approximetely 50,000 frames per second at lower resolutions. Once they are played back at 30 frames per second, we see a detailed slow motion sequence.

Scitech offers some specialized high speed camera listed below.

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IX-Cameras, High Speed Cameras, Slow Motion Cameras

iX Cameras is a world- leading technology and product company specializing in the field of high-speed (slow motion) imaging. Based on proprietary innovative technologies, we design, build and sell cutting-edge ultra-fast cameras and software for a wide range of advanced scientific research applications. Our commitment to innovate and push the boundaries of high-speed video science is the reason we develop technically superior and easy-to-use products that our customers need to attain the highest scientific achievements and creativity. The innovation of our i-SPEED brand of cameras is backed by our world-class service and support teams, ensuring our customers’ success.

Innovation built on our legacy.

For over a decade, thousands of i-SPEED brand cameras were developed and sold by Olympus until the spinoff of the product development group in 2014. Today, the same heralded development team from Olympus, combined with new camera and software industry veterans, continues to design innovative state-of-the-art i-SPEED cameras under the iX Cameras name, always upholding the Olympus legacy of quality.

Website: https://www.ix-cameras.com

IX Cameras IX Cameras

i-SPEED 7 Series – Elite Performance

Highest Speed | Highest Resolution | 8,512 fps @ 2048×1536 | 1080p HD above 12,500 fps

From the innovators of Olympus high-speed camera technology comes the state-of-the-art i-SPEED 7 Series with groundbreaking specifications for demanding scientific applications. Designed for engineering and research, i-SPEED 7 cameras provide the perfect balance of ultra-high resolution — with higher pixel density for accuracy and the ability to zoom in to magnify detail — with recording speeds that capture even the fastest transient events without any blur. Don’t just slow down motion — analyze it. The i-SPEED 7 Series are more than just raw recording power, they are state-of-the art scientific tools that are loaded with features that benefit the user in a lab or a test range.

Key Features:
  • 36 / 72 / 96 / 144 / 192 / 288GB RAM Memory
  • Mono ISO 5,000D(sat) / 40,000D(sat)
  • Color ISO 1,800D(sat) / 14,400D(sat)
Model frame rate
@ 2048×1536
frame rate
@ 1080p
Max frame rate Datasheet
713/713R 4,260 fps 6,380 fps 500,000 fps 713 Datasheet
716/716R 5,315 fps 7,960 fps 500,000 fps 716 Datasheet
720/720R 6,642 fps 9,942 fps 750,000 fps 720 Datasheet
726/726R 8,512 fps 12,742 fps 1 Million fps 726 Datasheet

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IX Cameras IX Cameras

i-SPEED 5 Series – Mid-Range

Full HD Resolution to 6,300 fps | 13 GPx/s Throughput | Up to 8 TB Internal SSD

The i-SPEED 5 Series includes three new mid-range cameras from iX Cameras. Designed with value in mind, these cameras strike the perfect balance between speed, size, and memory. With a full HD sensor, the 5 Series has plenty of power for laboratories, research and test range applications. They have packed up to 144GB of memory into a compact package so you can record for long durations and still fit the camera into tight areas and lab spaces. This perfect balance makes the new i-SPEED 5 cameras in the mold of the original i-SPEED 1, 2, and 3 cameras from Olympus. The 5 Series also incorporates a truly innovative internal cooling system, making these cameras environmentally sealed units and the first cameras in this class designed for use in highly demanding environments.

Key Features:
  • 500,000 fps Max Frame Rate
  • 18/36/72/96/144 GB RAM Memory
  • Mono ISO 8,500D (sat) / 68,000D (sat)
  • Color ISO 3,060D (sat) / 24,480D (sat)
Model frame rate
@ 1920×1080
508 3,980 fps 508 Datasheet
510 4,980 fps 510 Datasheet
513 6,382 fps 513 Datasheet

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IX Cameras

i-SPEED 2 Series- Compact and Budget Friendly

High-Speed | 1 MPx to 2.6 MPx Sensors | Up to 225,000 fps | Compact and Portable
IX Cameras

The i-SPEED 2 series bring portability and power to your application without exhausting your budget. Choose from 5 models based on your resolution needs (1MPx to 2.6Mpx), your speed requirements (up to 3.3GPx/sec) and your record durations (up to 16GB internal RAM).

Key Features:
  • Up to 16GB On-Board Storage
  • 100G Shock and Up to 20G Vibration Resistance
  • Lightweight, Compact Profile
  • Unplug and Go

210/211 Datasheet

220/221 Datasheet

230 Datasheet

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PCO develop and produce specialized fast and sensitive video camera systems, mainly for scientific applications. The product range of PCO cameras covers digital camera systems with high dynamic range, high resolution, high speed and low noise, which are sold in the scientific and industrial market all over the world.

PCO is located in Kelheim, Germany

Website: https://www.pco.de

Highspeed CMOS Cameras for High Image Quality & Sensitivity applications

A large selection of highspeed CMOS camera systems with 10 .. 12 bit intra-scene dynamic and excellent image quality. All of them are equipped with precise multiple triggering options and they are free of session referencing. Some of them can be operated by rechargable batteries.

PCO PCO., High Speed Cameras, Slow Motion Cameras


pco.dimax cs

Car safety testing with one powerful multi-use tool

  • 1500 fps @ 2.8 MPix resolution
  • 2000 fps @ Full HD resolution
  • 3000 fps @ 1.3 MPix resolution
  • high-g ruggedized body
  • secure trigger & sync modes
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pco.dimax S1 / S4
  • S1: 4467 fps @ full resolution 1008 x 1008 pixel
  • S4: 1279 fps @ full resolution 2016 x 2016 pixel
  • 12 bit dynamic range
  • NO additional black reference calibration required
  • excellent picture and color quality
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pco.dimax HD / HD+
  • HD: 2128 fps @ full resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel
  • HD+: 1603 fps @ full resolution 1920 x 1440 pixel
  • 12 bit dynamic range
  • multiple trigger interface optimized for automotive applications
  • master-slave camera synchronisation (up to 5 cameras)

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pco.dimax HS1 / HS2 / HS4
  • HS1: 7039 fps @ 1000 x 1000 pixel resolution
  • HS2: 5469 fps @ 1400 x 1050 pixel resolution
  • HS4: 2277 fps @ 2000 x 2000 pixel resolution
  • 12 bit dynamic range
  • excellent light sensitivity
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PCO Imaging,High Speed Cameras, Slow Motion Cameras


pco.1200 hs
  • 636f ps at full resolution (1357 fps at VGA)
  • exposure time range 50 ns – 5 s
  • interframing time 75 ns
  • high resolution (1280 x 1024 pixel)

pco.1200 s
  • 501 fps at full resolution (1068 fps at VGA)
  • 10 bit dynamic range
  • exposure time range 1 µs – 1 s
  • high resolution (1280 x 1024 pixel)

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PCO Imaging,High Speed Cameras, Slow Motion Cameras

hsfc pro

hsfc pro
  • four channel MCP-image intensifier camera
  • fast shutter down to 3 ns
  • excellent system sensitivity of the system allows single photon detection
  • 12 bit dynamic range
  • ultra fast recording of up to 4 full resolution images with 1 ns interframing time, in double mode 8 frames

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