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DASYLab software offers real-time acquisition, analysis, control, and the ability to create custom graphical user interfaces (GUIs). In contrast to other graphical programming environments, which can require weeks of training to master, DASYLab has a very short user-learning curve. Many applications can be configured in a few minutes, rather than days or weeks. Sophisticated acquisition and control tasks can be solved with DASYLab quickly without any additional programming. Simply insert the appropriate module blocks into the worksheet and connect them by virtual wires with a few mouse clicks.

Key Highlights

  • Create complex applications in minimal time without programming
  • Lets you build worksheets using graphical functions
  • Implements real-time operations, including PID control
  • Continuous logging to the hard drive
  • Unlimited number of samples and measurement time
  • Provides standard real-time displays (charts, meters, graphs)
  • Provides complete library of computational functions including FFT analysis
  • Includes generator functions to simulate inputs
  • Connect to serial, OPC, ODBC, MODBUS, IVI, and TCP/IP based devices
  • Supports data acquisition hardware from MCC, IOtech, and other vendors
  • More than 512 channels on multiple devices
  • Combine Analog, Digital and Counter Inputs, and
  • Analog, Digital and Counter Outputs in one test
  • New script feature allows you to create custom functions
  • Includes a tutorial, functional examples, and on-line help
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows® 8/7/Vista® SP2/XP Pro SP3, 32-bit or 64-bit

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