HD Multielectrode Arrays, In-Vitro Recording

Maxwell Biosysystems MEAMaxwell Biosysystems HD-MEA

Founded in September 2016 as an ETH Zürich spin-off, MaxWell Biosystems is a technology leader providing instrumentation and solutions to boost scientific research and development in neurosciences, stem cell and tissue engineering, ophthalmology, and other fields involving electrogenic cells. MaxOne (single-well) and MaxTwo (multi-well) are easy-to-use systems that equip scientists with the ability to record electrical signals of neurons in in-vitro 2D and 3D models at network, cellular, and subcellular levels. MaxWell Biosystems’ main goal is to be a trusted partner to all users and collaborators, for a greater cause, of advancing scientific breakthroughs and for achieving faster and more effective drug discovery, through our products, solutions, and expertise.

Website: https://www.mxwbio.com/

Maxwell Biosysystems MEA

MaxOne High-Density Microelectrode Array (HD-MEA) System

Maxwell Biosysystems MEA MaxOne

MaxWell Biosystems’ MaxOne is a CMOS-based HD-MEA, an electrical imaging system for neuroscience, drug discovery, and cell assessment applications. MaxOne captures high-quality signals at sub cellular resolution from acute tissue experiments (e.g., brain slices, retina) and long-term culture experiments. Simultaneous recordings can be performed by running up to 4 recording units in one system.

MaxOne HD-MEA system allows for easy and vibration-free insertion of the MEA device. It can operate inside cell-culture incubators. Accessories are available for perfusion-compatibility. Microscopy of samples on the HD-MEA surface can be performed using upright objectives. Overall, MaxOne a powerful HD-MEA applicable to all in-vitro preparations.


Full System Key Features

  • 26,400 electrodes (9.3×5.45 sq-μm, 17.5 μm pitch)
  • 1020 low-noise readout channels
  • 32 stimulation channels
  • Large sensor area (3.85×2.10 sq-mm)
  • Switch-matrix technology for flexible array reconfiguration
  • Non-invasive, label-free
  • High-resolution activity map
  • Axonal action potential propagation tracking
  • MaxLab Live and extensive data analysis toolboxes

MaxOne System Package Options

FeaturesMaxOne FullMaxOne Basic
No. of recording channels1020 Full256
No. of electrode configurationsUnlimited4
No. of stimulation channels32None
Whole sample electrical imaging
Axon trackingLimited
Smart population recording
Matlab and Python data analysis tools

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Maxwell Biosysystems MEA

MaxOne Single-Well Planar Microelectrode Arrays

Maxwell Biosysystems MEA MaxOne

MaxWell Biosystems’ MaxOne Single-Well Planar Microelectrode Arrays (MEAs) enable high-resolution imaging of the neuronal and cardiac cell electrical activities at sub-cellular and network levels. The MaxOne MEA Chip product line (MX1-x-CHP) is available in several well and electrode sizes suitable for various in-vitro preparations and applications.

Unprecedented access to single cells

With 26,400 platinum electrodes spaced closely to each other, each cell can be accessed by multiple electrodes at the same time. Activity from neurites and cell bodies can be isolated and studied. MaxOne’s high spatio-temporal resolution significantly facilitates spike sorting.

Record and stimulate every cell in the network

With a large sensor area and low-noise readout channels, MaxOne enables to characterize network dynamics at multiple spatial and temporal scales. MaxOne can stimulate single cells at high-fidelity.


Key Features

  • 26,400 electrodes
  • 17.5 μm electrode center-to-center distance
  • 1024 low-noise readout channels
  • 32 stimulation channels
  • Large sensor area (3.85×2.10 sq-mm)
  • Pt black coating on all recording and reference electrodes
  • Biocompatible epoxy packaging and polycarbonate ring

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Maxwell Biosysystems MEA

MaxTwo Multi-Well HD-MEA System

MaxTwo, a high-throughput, high-resolution electrophysiology platform for recording and stimulating electrogenic cells in vitro. MaxTwo combines 6 or 24 MaxOne high-density microelectrode arrays in a multiwell format.

Maxwell Biosysystems MEA MaxTwo

MaxWell Biosystems’ MaxTwo is a CMOS-based multiwell HD-MEA platform. It has all the capabilities of MaxOne–it captures high-quality signals at sub cellular resolution from long-term culture experiments. Electrical stimulation protocols can also be performed.

MaxTwo Multi-Well HD-MEA System allows for easy and vibration-free insertion of the multi-well MEA. The MaxTwo mainframe is an incubator allowing cells to have a proper environment during recording. It is designed for integration with automation systems. Overall, MaxTwo is a powerful electrical imaging system for drug discovery, safety pharmacology, and iPSC phenotyping applications.


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