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Programmable Perfusion Systems ( PPS )

Scientifica Programmable Perfusion Systems

Combines full computer control of ten pinch valves and a high-performance peristaltic pump, allowing the user to conduct fully automated and highly accurate perfusion.

Four Roller Peristaltic Pump

Transfer up to eight solutions to your sample with the 8 inflow and 2 outflow pinch valves which smoothly control and match the rate in and out of your bath.

Ultra-low noise electronics

Place the PPS close to your experiment setup, without any electrical noise interfering. This also vastly reduces the dead volumes of expensive solutions, as the tubing is much shorter.

Hands-free control

Control the PPS on your PC by using Scientifica’s LinLab software, control pinch valves and flow rate “hands-free”.

Custom protocols

Sequences can be programmed, saved and recalled to replicate difficult sequences, or help speed up time-consuming routines such as cleaning and repeating assays.

TTL output

Timing of perfused stimuli can be precisely and automatically linked to cell responses, thanks to integration into pClamp and other DAQ systems.

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