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Temperature Control

temperature Controller

Temperature Controller

Scientifica Temperature Controller
An in-line Peltier heater to provide stable temperature control of physiological solutions.
  • Simple control of perfusion solutions
  • 0.1 °C control
  • Up to 37 °C (at a flow rate of 6ml/m)
  • LinLab integration
  • In-line peltier heating
In-line Peltier heater

The Scientifica Temperature Controller uses an in-line Peltier heater and allows the heating of perfusion solutions to physiological temperatures (up to a maximum of 37 degrees Celsius when used at a flow rate of 6ml/m) Temperatures can be controlled within 0.1 degrees.

LinLab Software

The Temperature Controller uses the Scientifica LinLab software for operation and allows adjustment of temperature settings such as gain and maximum temperature. Actual bath temperature, as well as heater temperature, can be view against the target temperature through a live graph, shown in the LinLab software and this can be export for reference against sample recordings.

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