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Accurion - Active Vibration IsolationAccurion

In 2009, Halcyonics GmbH, specialist for Active Vibration Isolation Solutions and Nanofilm Technology GmbH, expert for surface analyzing tools merge to form Accurion GmbH. Both divisions are well-established and look back on a long-term experience in developing and producing scientific instruments. Nanofilm has been the leader in Brewster Angle Microscopy and Imaging Ellipsometry since 1991. Halcyonics was founded in 1996 as specialist in Active Vibration Isolation. The existing product brands Nanofilm and Halcyonics are continued as product divisions of Accurion.

Website: https://www.accurion.com

Accurion Vibration Isolation Tables

Accurion Workstation Series

Key Features

  • Automatic load adjustment and transport lock
  • No low frequency resonance – thus no vibration amplification in the low frequency range
  • Runs with AC power from an electrical outlet
  • All-in-one solution for ergonomic working conditions
  • Active isolation in all six degrees of freedom
  • Torsion-resistant and rigid support structure due to welded steel frame
  • Wide range of customizations possible
  • Short settling time


High Performance Workstations

The Workstation_i4 offers a compact active isolated surface especially for microscopes, surrounded by a conventional non-isolated laboratory desk surface. This surface can be used to place additional equipment, to handle test samples or to simply make notes. The Workstation_i4 is designed for the use with optical microscopes or microscope/SPM combinations.

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High Performance Workstations

Workstation_Vario systems come with a steel frame embedded optical breadboard as working surface. The surrounded frame can be used for the installation of Acoustic enclosures for example. Such workstations are capable of supporting larger and heavier applications.

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Kinetic SystemsIDT

Kinetic Systems, Inc. has been at the forefront of vibration isolation and control since its inception in 1968. Through continuing research of vibration effects on equipment and structures, Kinetic Systems, Inc. has pioneered many state-of-the-art developments in vibration isolation, damping, and structural design.

Website: https://www.kineticsystems.com

Kinetic Systems

High Performance Workstations – 9100 Series

High Performance Workstations

The 9100 Series Vibration Isolation Workstation sets the industry standard for the vast majority of vibration control applications. Designed to isolate sensitive instruments and experiments weighing up to 1300 lbs., the 9100 Series is an efficient, aesthetically and ergonomically styled piece of working furniture. It provides a comfortable work environment that can be customized to its specific use by adding a variety of worksurfaces and accessories. The 9100 provides both vertical and horizontal isolation. Supported by a VibraDamped steel frame with an Active-Air suspension, the worksurface will maintain a preset zero deflection level regardless of load addition or removal.

The 9100 Series is available for two load capacities, and is field convertible to desired capacity.

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Key Features

  • Vertical vibration isolation
  • Horizontal vibration isolation
  • VibraDamped steel frame
  • High performance Active-Air Suspension
  • Maintains a preset zero deflection level (regardless of load addition or removal)
  • Choice of 12 standard tabletops – custom tabletops also available
  • Choose from 12 standard sizes – custom sizes also available
  • Ergonomic styling
  • Class 100 Cleanroom Compatible — Class 10 available
  • Tabletop uplimit travel restraints
  • Precise, repeatable leveling accuracy to 0.001″with high accuracy valve

Suggested Accessories

  • Guard Rails – Front and Rear
  • Side Guard Rails
  • Padded Arm Rests
  • Retractable Casters – Easily Move your Workstation in the Lab
  • Faraday Cage
  • Fixed Shelves – Standard and Custom Sizes
  • Sliding Shelves – Gain More Tabletop Work Area
  • Monitor Support – Offered for Both CRT and FPD
  • Keyboard Shelf
  • Overhead Rear Equipment Shelf
  • Overhead Side Equipment Shelf
  • Enclosures – Additional Protection for your Sensitive Equipment
  • Portable Air Compressor
  • Electrical Outlet Strip
  • Class 10 Cleanroom Compatible Finish

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