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Dolan Jenner: Fiber Lite Illuminators for Microscopy

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Dolan-Jenner Industries has been manufacturing Fiber-Lite fiber (fibre) optic illumination systems and light guides for microscopy sensing, imaging, and machine vision applications since 1962.


dolan jenner fiber lightsMi-LED LED Fiber Optic Illuminator

Mi-LED LED Fiber Optic Illuminator

Designed for microscopy and general illumination, this unit is energy efficient and features cool white LED lighting with a color temp of 5000K and higher output than the typical 150 watt halogen fiber optic illuminator. The Mi-LED supports and fully illuminates gooseneck and annular ring light fiber optics. It is also a great option for inspection equipment, forensics, machine vision, industrial borescopes, assembly stations, and OEM custom lighting. The long life LED’s of this unit are rated to provide over 40,000 hours of light.

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dolan jenner fiber lightsMI-150, MI-152, MI-157 Illuminators

MI-150, MI-152, & MI-157 Illuminators

This unit offers safe and hassle-free operation and mates securely with standard MI-Series microscopy light guides, eliminating adapters. The MI-150 delivers 350,000 foot candles of high-intensity, cold light illumination when coupled with any of our fiber optic light guides. Standard MI-150 provides a lamp life of over 200 hours at full intensity. This unit is available separately or as part of a complete fiber optic illumination system.

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