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LED Lighting for High Speed Imaging

Veritas High Speed LED lightingASI Crisp

Veritas, a division of IDT, was created to solve one of the most challenging lighting applications – illumination for high-speed imaging. Traditionally, these systems were inefficient and not portable. Veritas Lights uses exclusive LED technology coupled with digital controls to achieve highly efficient and cost-effective illumination. Because of the innovative digital controls the systems are compact, energy efficient and yield high luminous outputs in both continuous and pulsed operation. Cool operation and portability make them ideal for laboratory as well as studio use.


Constellation LED Lights

Constellation Series

Constellation Series Luminaires incorporate high-intensity LED’s and multi-functional controllers into one compact package. To provide maximum flexibility, these illuminators can be used as stand-alone units or in multiples when combined with our LED Access Point. As with all VERITAS lighting products, the Constellation Series support operation in continuous or strobe mode, making them perfect for high-speed imaging applications. The Constellation luminaires are offered in either a 60W or 120W configuration.

CONSTELLATION 60 – 10,000 lm

Veritas High Speed LED lighting - Constsellation 60

The Constellation 60 comprises of a special 12 LED array designed to deliver maximum light output in an ultra-compact and lightweight arrangement. The lights are designed for seamless integration with the IDT NX-TRA high-speed camera system.

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Veritas High Speed LED lighting - Constsellation 120

The Constellation 120 provides a high intensity luminous output (20,000 lm) at an attractive price level. Specially designed accessories, such as an 8-leaf light shield, and flexible mounting options make this light easy to deploy in a wide range of applications. When several lights are used in a cluster, such as area illumination, an LED Access Point is available to provide power and extensive control options via Ethernet, USB and WIFI.

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Constellation 500Quad – 80,000 lm

Veritas High Speed LED lighting - Constsellation 500Quad

The Constellation 500Quad system combines four miniConstellation™ light heads into one package. Designed to use as a stand-alone unit or stackable in user-defined configurations, Constellation 500Quad is designed to suit the most customized applications.

4” spacing between the centers of each LED creates a perfectly symmetrical grid, even when units are stacked using any of eight ¼”-20 mounts built into the rugged aluminum housing.

An integrated 10 position dimmer selector allows for push-button, manually selected brightness – a first for Veritas Light designs – eliminates the need for an external dimming controller, resulting in added value. As with all the lights in our Constellation™ Series, synchronization to an external source is available through a sync-in BNC connector.

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