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MatchID – Digital Image Correlation

MatchID produces software applications that are designed to provide users with a profound insight into the measurement capabilities and uncertainties of Digital Image Correlation (DIC). Furthermore, it draws upon these unique measurement capabilities to facilitate material identification and model validation.


Digital Image Correlation (DIC) – Analysis

Standard 2D DIC for basic experiments

Standard 2D DIC
  • Only 1 camera needed
  • For in-plane experiments
  • On flat specimens with a perpendicular camera alignment
  • Apply Local (subset-based) or Global (mesh-based) DIC

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Stereo DIC : Stereo-vision for more demanding tests

Stereo DIC
  • For any test involving out-of-plane motion
  • For structural component testing
  • 2 camera bases for stereo-vision

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Multi-cam DIC : True multi-cam for a complete 360° capture

Multi-cam DIC
  • Direct calibration of 3 or more cameras involved
  • Individually identify and position each camera in space
  • Reduce the number of cameras needed for a complete 360° capture

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2D GRID Method

2D GRID Method
  • For analysis of fringe images
  • (much) better spatial resolutions than DIC
  • Perfect for relatively small strains

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Digital Image Correlation (DIC) – Registration

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) - Registration

Configure the direct interaction with the camera (or cameras) through the MatchID Grabber

  • Available for quasi-static experiments
  • Also comes in a high-speed version

The first can be used in combination with a vast array of the most common industrial cameras, whereas the upgrade to the high-speed version allows the Grabber to be used in combination with a range of high-speed cameras.

Run experiments in optimal conditions

The Grabber is a flexible module that allows:

  • Interfacing through the most common methodologies
  • Synchronized data triggering and logging
  • Through some of the most commonly used DAQs

Moreover, it includes easy-to-handle alignment tools as it gives direct metrological information in relation to the applied speckle pattern as:

  • Local histogram information
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Suggested minimal subset size

Synchronise your DIC-experiment with your Test System or perform real-time full-field tracking

Our Live Experimental Feedback (LEF) module offers you:

  • Live control of your Test System through DIC measurements (e.g. strain based experiment control)
  • Real-time correlation to visualise the evolution of your DIC test (real-time full-field tracking)

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Digital Image Correlation (DIC) – Processing


The extremely powerful Performance Analysis module

The extremely powerful Performance Analysis module
  • Unique convergence study
  • Make concise choices on DIC user-dependent variables

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Calibration package

Calibration package
  • Advanced calibration of both 2D of Stereo DIC
  • Unique true, multi-cam calibration

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Numerical deformation module

Numerical deformation module
  • Identify and quantify uncertainties
  • Easy, fast and accurate generation of ground-truth images
  • Qualified and quantified insight into calibration and 3D-reconstruction errors

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Virtual Fields Method

Virtual Fields Method
  • Quickly identify and calculate mechanical material parameters
  • For any type of behavior (elasticity, plasticity, hyperelasticity, visco-elasticity and visco-plasticity)
  • Rely on implemented fixed material models or couple third-party material models

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Finite element validation

Finite element validation
  • Build a direct, one-to-one relationship between DIC test and FEA models
  • Make quantified comparisons between simulation and test results, excelling purely visual comparison methods

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