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Over the past 30 years, tremendous advances in imaging technology have provided researchers with the means to acquire and analyze detailed images of biological specimens. Imaging is now an essential tool for the researcher who investigates the cellular and biochemical processes underlying cellular function. From the simple analysis of fluorescent intensity to the more sophisticated methods to classify and quantify cells in different stages of the cell cycle, imaging is fundamental to research microscopy.

The MetaMorph® Software suite of products from Molecular Devices® has been an integral part of the bioresearch imaging community for more than 25 years and supports a vast array of microscopes, cameras, and precision stages. The extensive suite of software provides acquisition, processing, and analysis features that allow researchers to build custom imaging systems for solving novel experimental problems in cellular imaging.

Image Analysis SoftwareMetaMorph Microscopy Automation

MetaMorph Microscopy Automation & Image Analysis Software

MetaMorph® Microscopy Automation & Image Analysis Software is the industry standard for automated microscope acquisition, device control, and image analysis, bringing microscopists greater understanding of cell morphology, function, and behavior for over 25 years.

Device Control: MetaMorph Software is the ideal “glue” for easily integrating dissimilar fluorescent microscope hardware and peripherals into a single custom workstation. Each custom system can be uniquely suited for virtually any experimental paradigm. System integration is made even easier by supporting all major brands of automated microscopes and scientific CCD cameras. This means MetaMorph Software can be used as a common software platform within a core facility or laboratory minimizing maintenance, training, and support of customers and end-users.

Analysis: Acquiring the image is only the first step. MetaMorph Software provides all the tools needed to perform meaningful analysis of acquired images. Common tools for thresholding, filtering, and feature extraction are included as one would expect. However, MetaMorph Software provides other more sophisticated tools such as the integrated morphometry analysis (IMA) module. IMA allows objects to be measured and separated into user-definable classes, based on any combination of measured morphometric parameters, such as shape, size, or optical density. A point-and-click interface, linking images and spreadsheet results, makes it easy to choose representative objects for classification and measurement.

MetaMorph Software also offers many user-friendly application modules for biology-specific analysis such as cell signaling, cell counting, and protein expression. Each application module features a dedicated dialog box with intuitive setting selections, improved segmentation through adaptation to local content, as well as both field and cell-by-cell data logging. After analysis is complete, users can interactively view tabular and image results side by side for their cellular imaging application.[link to application module product description page]

Automation: Often the hardest task with any imaging system is automating complex, multi-parametric experimental protocols. MetaMorph Software handles this elegantly with its multi-dimensional acquisition (MDA) module. MDA guides the user through the setup of each acquisition dimension (time, z, fluorescent channels, stage position). Once a particular acquisition is completed through the MDA interface, all settings can be stored and recalled for later use making it easy to perform repeated operations.

For those who want to further automate acquisition, processing, and analysis routines, MetaMorph Software features sophisticated and powerful macros called journals. Journals record and save a series of tasks without the need for programming. A graphical editor allows for easy creation and editing of journals using a drag-and-drop interface.

MetaMorph Software is a modular platform that allows you to select only the components you need. Modules are available for:

  • Camera control and acquisition
  • Microscope automation and control
  • Sample positioning and specimen illumination
  • Application modules to make complex, repetitive tasks easier to perform

MetaMorph Software Application Modules

Combine ease-of-use & flexibility to accommodate automated image analysis for hundreds of applications in both research and high throughput environments.

A modular toolbox for image analysis, the suite of MetaMorph® Software Application Modules enable both novice and expert users to set up hundreds of assays in minutes without compromising the mature image processing algorithms required to address complex applications. The Application Modules provide an interactive environment to determine features of interest based on size, intensities, and distances. Some modules handle very specific and challenging assays (e.g., neurite outgrowth) while others (e.g., multi-wavelength cell scoring) can be configured to quantify dozen of different cellular events. To further tailor analysis to your research-oriented goals, journals can be amended to Application Modules, allowing to customize any analysis.


  • 12 Application Modules allow MetaMorph Software users to automate common analysis routines and accommodate 100’s of applications (see the applications tab).
  • Interactive Environment guides users through the determination of features of interest.
  • Adaptive Background Correction mitigates poor sample quality while improving image segmentation.
  • Field-by-Field Data, Cell-by-Cell Data, and Segmentation Overlays are made available to ensure in-depth downstream analysis such as gating cell populations or reviewing accuracy of segmentation.
  • Customization of Application Modules for research and assay development can easily be achieved by amending journals to Application Modules (Note: the resulting analysis will not be compatible with analysis with the MetaXpress PowerCore Software).


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Image Analysis SoftwareMetaFluor Fluorescence Ratio Imaging Software

MetaFluor Fluorescence Ratio Imaging Software

MetaFluor® Fluorescence Ratio Imaging Software is the industry standard for monitoring fluorescence ratio imaging applications, bringing microscopists closer to rapid cellular responses inherent to live cells.

MetaFluor Fluorescence Ratio Imaging Software is designed for dual-wavelength intracellular ion measurements. The system provides simultaneous display of the raw data; ratio image; graphs of intensities, ratios, and ion concentrations (e.g., calcium, sodium, potassium, chloride); and a non-ratiometric image such as a brightfield or phase-contrast image. Two different ratiometric indicators can be imaged and measured simultaneously to provide greater insight to ion exchange and intracellular function regardless of dye loading concentrations, conditions, or emission intensities.

Toolbars, menus, wizards, and dialog boxes help move you through the image processing steps quickly. Features such as multiple image windows, flexible device control, synchronization and timing, and journals allow for automated image acquisition and analysis unlike any other system.

With MetaFluor Fluorescence Software, you customize the set-up once, then let the experiment run by itself. You are able to collect a large amount of data online and process it with either MetaFluor Software or independently using an analysis-only software version.

MetaFluor Fluorescence Ratio Imaging Software features:

  • Real time processing significantly reduces random image noise by averaging up to 256 images per time point. Background subtraction is also used to improve accuracy by correcting for stray light, camera noise, and auto-fluorescence.
  • Calibrations of intracellular ion concentrations are obtained by using the various calibration options offered: the Grynkiewicz equation (Grynkiewicz et al., 1985) and titration equation for both in situ and in vitro experiments. These calibrations can then be stored for future use.
  • Region analysis can be generated automatically or manually to monitor intensity, ratio value, or ion concentration. Measurements are then made simultaneously on all the regions of interest and update continuously on a scrolling graph, allowing you to follow dynamic changes as they occur in your living samples.
  • Interactive graphs give flexibility in the presentation of your experiment’s data. MetaFluor Software enables you to click on graph traces to display a readout of the time and data value for the region nearest to the click.
  • Event mark function is useful to record when drugs or solutions are added, experimental conditions changed, triggers are received or sent, or other events occurred. You have the option to associate a timer and an alarm bell to each event. Additionally, for perfused samples, ambient conditions can be logged and tracked.
  • Journals allow you to create functions to simplify system operations, automate acquisition and device control, set variables, and sequence events. The Auto-Execute Journal command allows you to automatically run journals at specific points in the acquisition cycle.

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Image Analysis SoftwareMetaVue Research Imaging Software

MetaVue Research Imaging Software

The MetaVue™ Research Imaging Software is the cost-effective solution for basic imaging applications such as digital photography, multi-wavelength fluorescence, image processing, and analysis. MetaVue Software is a simple, easy-to-use system for acquiring and processing images, performing graphics functions, and archiving and retrieving images.

MetaVue Software is an ideal starting point for researchers entering the world of digital imaging. It is a full featured image documentation and basic analysis software package that is fully compatible with our flagship MetaMorph® Microscopy Automation and Image Analysis Software. Purchase of MetaVue Software is “future proof”, in that there is no loss in investment when upgrading to the MetaMorph Software package.

MetaVue Research Imaging Software features:

  • Cost effective by providing a simple to use package that performs image documentation tasks extremely well.
  • Upgradeable by providing a clear path to the more advanced features and capabilities of MetaMorph® Software without losing the initial software investment.
  • Compatible with MetaMorph Software, allows for interchange of data within the full range of MetaMorph products.
  • Basic fluorescence imaging allows for simple fluorescence colocalization and overlay imaging.
  • Standard image enhancements emphasize image characteristics that may not be discernable in the original image, making subsequent analysis and presentation more informative. Standard tools include: kernel and morphometric filters, and image arithmetic.

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