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Started in 1994 Scientific Volume Imaging (SVI) is the sole independent company in the world that offers high quality restoration (deconvolution) and analysis software for confocal, widefield & brightfield, Spinning disk, Multi-photon, Rescan, STED, Array Detector, and SPIM/light sheet microscopy with fully automatic depth-dependent PSF measurement as well as bead-based PSF measurement.


Scientific Volume Imaging SVI - Huygens

Huygens Software: Deconvolve, visualize, restore and analyze your microscope images

Huygen deconvolution software

The Huygens Software is named after Christiaan Huygens, who studied and described the diffraction of light waves. The Software includes many image processing options, for brightfield and all types of fluorescence microscopy images. With Huygens it is possible to perform image deconvolution and restoration, interactive analysis and volume visualization in 2D, 3D, multi-channel and time. Additional Server and GPU-based Options ensure maximization of hardware performance.

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Different flavors: Tailored solutions for your needs

The Huygens software comes in different flavors: Essential, Professional, Core, Localizer, offering solutions for both single users and multi-user facilities. We also offer a Huygens web-based interface, Huygens Remote Manager, available for submitting deconvolution tasks via your internet browser to the compute engine Huygens Core. It is possible to get Huygens and additional options as a node-locked license, leased license or in a floating license configuration.

Cross platform support: Huygens on your OS

Their software is based on cross platform technology, which makes SVI one of the few software companies in the microscopy field that have their software available on all major platforms. All their applications have the same look and feel on all platforms, except where the differences are created by the window manager of the operating system that is being used.

Windows / Linux / Mac OS



Optical options:
Specific for your microscope type

Huygens offers many optical options suited for your needs. Each optical option is specifically designed to take into account the optical properties of that type of microscope for deconvolution.

  • Confocal option
  • Widefield and Brightfield option
  • Spinning Disk option
  • Multi Photon option
  • Re-scan Confocal option
  • Huygens STED 3X option
  • SPIM/Light Sheet option
  • Array Detector Confocal option

Performance options:
Use your CPU and GPU for fast results

The Huygens Software is well known for its fast processing and high-quality deconvolution results. With the GPU acceleration and CPU options you obtain the same high-quality results, yet even faster! Realize amazing deconvolution results within seconds using high-end NVIDIA GPU cards and the powerful Huygens deconvolution algorithms. We offer the following performance packages and GPU options:

  • Performance Option: Standard included in Huygens for using up to 6 CPU cores (12 logical when hyper-threaded) and 1 Small GPU card.
  • Performance Plus (optional): Allows you to use up to 12 CPU cores (24 logical cores when hyper-threaded) and 2 Large GPU cards.
  • Performance Mega (optional): Allows you to use up to 24 CPU cores (48 logical cores when hyper-threaded) and 4 Large GPU cards.
  • Performance Extreme (optional): Allows you to use up to 48 CPU cores (96 logical cores when hyper-threaded) and 8 Large GPU cards.
  • Small GPU: Use up to 1024 CUDA cores and 2GB VIDEORAM.
  • Medium GPU (optional): Use up to 3072 CUDA cores and 4GB VIDEORAM.
  • Large GPU (optional): Use up to 8192 CUDA cores and 24GB VIDEORAM.

Restoration options:
correct your images

For other major factors distorting image quality like Hot pixels, Instability, Chromatic Aberration and Cross Talk we have developed the following Restoration Tools and Options:

  • Hot & Cold Pixel remover: For abberant pixel-free images ready for deconvolution.
  • Bleaching Corrector: Estimate and correct the fading of the emission intensity of the sample under study.
  • Object Stabilizer (optional): Stabilize movement of objects in your time series images.
  • Stitcher (optional): Automatically align and stitch tiles of 2D, 3D, and 3D-time multi channel images.
  • Crosstalk Corrector (optional): Easily correct for crosstalk in multi channel images.
  • Chromatic Aberration Corrector (optional): Correct chromatic shifts between different channels.
  • Fusion Wizard (optional): Deconvolve and fuse multiple views into a single superior image for SPIM/Lightsheet microscopy.

Visualization options:
explore your images in 3D

The various Visualization Tools in Huygens Essential and Professional help you to visualize and analyze your image in detail.

  • Twin Slicer: easy comparison of original and deconvolved data.
  • Ortho Slicer: visualize your data in all orthogonal directions simultaneously.
  • Gallery Tool: view frames in a gallery style view
  • Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) renderer: efficiently visualize large 3D datasets.
  • SFP Volume Renderer: produces physically realistic 3D representations of your data.
  • Surface Renderer (optional): easily visualize objects in your 3D data.
  • Movie Maker (optional): create sophisticated animations of your multi-channel 3D images.

Analysis options:
get more from your images

The following interactive analysis tools are available for Huygens to accurately perform 3D-4D measurements, and to obtain and export statistics about object(s), colocalization, and cell/object trajectories:

  • Object Analyzer (optional): The interactive object analyzer tool for 3D microscopy images.
  • Colocalization Analyzer (optional): Analyze and obtain quantitative information about the amount of spatial overlap between structures in different data channels, for 2D-3D images and 3D-time series.
  • Object Tracker (optional): Track and analyze moving objects over time.

Functional options:
there are more possibilities

Within the Huygens software there are many tools and options available to deconvolve your images faster, easier, and more efficient, and there are many options for extending the possibilities to process your microscopic images:

  • Deconvolution Express: Deconvolve your images with just one click of a button.
  • Batch processor: Do large scale deconvolution of multiple images, also in parallel with multi GPU support.
  • Operations window: Interactively control the available operations you can apply to images in Huygens Professional.
  • Time Series (optional): Allows automated deconvolution of time series.
  • Full File Reader (optional): Support for extended input file formats.
  • PSF Distiller (optional): Obtain a distilled PSF from bead images.
  • Huygens LAS AF/X data exchange (optional): Integrated data exchange between Huygens and LAS AF/X.