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Visitron SystemsVisiView - High Preformance Imaging Software

VisiView – High Preformance Imaging Software

VisiView® is a high performance imaging software from Visitron Systems GmbH for BioImaging applications. It is specially designed to meet the needs for high-speed image acquisition and processing with ease of use. Our software controls complex automated microscopes and microscope equipment in combination with multidimensional acquisition and analysis. Its multitasking ability supports simultaneous image acquisition and analysis. The VisiView® software represents the philosophy of simple operations and seamless integration of applied standards.

VisiVIEW Software Standard Features:
– High speed image acquisition
– Color, monochrome and EM CCD camera support
– Exposure and gain control
– Multi-dimensional time-lapse acquisition and viewing
– Region of interest (ROI) and binning definition
– CCD temperature control
– Independent scaling for color and up to 16 bit monochrome images
– Independent focus mode and acquisition parameters
– Colour merge and overlay of up to 7 Images
– Display of individual color look up tables
– User-defined “experiment setup” files
– Ability to save as TIF (8-, 16-, and 24-bit formats), STK files, Winview files and BMP files
– Macro function and custom defined tool buttons
– Shutter control by TTL

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VisiView Ratio Option

 The ratio option of the VisiVIEW® high performance imaging software is an application solution. It is designed specially for on-line ratio applications for single or dual wavelength intracellular measurements such as Fura-2, BCECF, FRET or single wavelength dyes, calcium green, fluo-3 etc. The ratio option provides a simultaneous display of the original wavelength e.g. 340nm, 380nm, ratio and the graphs for intensities. Either intensities over single or multiple regions of interest are selectable. The flexible architecture offers the benefit of easy configuration.

Scan Slide Module

The application module Scan Slide is ideal for large tissue samples, automatically acquiring multiple images larger than the field of view and then stitching them together. These ability of the VisiView Software to scan a defined area based on two distinct points (upper left and lower right corners) ensures you reproducibly capture high resolution images.

Object Analysis

Object Analysis: Count, classify and measurement of multiple cell parameters Automated object identification and counting allows the user to choose different parameters for morphometric measurement or classification of cells. Measure all objects or define filters to restrict your measurements to objects which meet specific customized criteria.