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ASIMotorized Stages for Microscopes


Illumination Control

Dual C-Mount Splitter (DCMS)
FW-1000 High Speed Filter Wheel

Website: https://www.asiimaging.com/
LUDLFilter Wheels and Shutters


Filter Wheels

The LUDL filter wheel provides fast, automated and efficient optical filter changing for microscopes. The filter wheel position is digitally encoded which makes it immune to slippage and skipping errors. Accurate filter positioning is essential to eliminate imaging errors that can affect the optical performance of the microscope and add unnecessary variations to measurement results. The LEP filter wheel is driven by a DC servo motor specifically selected for smooth, quiet, damped wheel motion. Flexibility and expandability is asssured with the MAC 5000/6000 controller system. The modular controller provides high performance and flexibility. Furthermore it is widely supported by almost any available imaging software application.

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Website: https://ludl.com
Prior ScientificPrior Shutter


Filter Wheels

Prior has a 6 position (25mm filters), 8 position (32mm filters) and 10 position (25mm filters) filter wheels available for both the ProScan and OptiScan range of controllers. High speed switching times of 55ms per adjacent position can be achieved on ProScan systems. The OptiScan can deliver switch speeds of 120ms per adjacent positions.
A range of adapters are available for most of the current and older microscopes from all of the microscope manufactures. If you do not want to couple the filter wheel directly to the microscope, or you require additional stability then filter wheel support stands (HF310) are available.  More …


High Speed Shutters

The high speed shutter has a 40 Hz maximum frequency of operation. The shutter can be opened and closed completely in as little as 10ms.

25mm shutters have a maximum continuous speed of 10 Hz. Maximum burst speed of 40 Hz is for a maximum of five cycles per 500ms.

35mm shutters have a maximum continuous speed of 5 Hz. Maximum burst speed of 20 Hz is for a maximum of five cycles per 500ms.  More …


Website: https://www.prior.com/