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Microscope Couplers

There are several options for connecting a camera to a microscope. The camera system can either be connected via a dedicated photo tube on a trinocular head / side port, or can be connected to one of the microscope’s eyepieces. Intermediate optics between the camera and the microscope are sometimes needed to increase the cameras field of view.

Below is an example when using a 0.5x coupler versus a 1.0x coupler on a 1/2″ camera / sensor.

Note: 1.0x coupler => No Lens ( and lower cost )

Camera Sensor
Height Width Recommended Coupler
1/3" 3.6mm 4.8mm 0.33x
1/2" 4.8mm 6.4mm 0.5x
2/3" 6.6mm 8.8mm 0.63x
1" 9.6mm 12.8mm 1.0x

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