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Motorized XY Stages and Z Control

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ASIMotorized Stages for Microscopes


Inverted Stages

MS-2000 Flat-Top XYZ Automated Stage
MS-2000 XYZ Automated Stage
MS-2500 XY Flat-Top Extended Travel Stage
PZ-2000 Series XYZ Automated Stage with Piezo Z-axis Top Plate
PZM-2000 OEM Manual Stage with Piezo Z-axis Top Plate
Ultra-Stable US-2000 Flat-Top XYZ Automated Stage for Super Resolution Microscopy

Upright Stages

FTP-2000 Focusing Translation Platform
MS-2000 Low Mass XY Stage
MS-2000 Small XY Stage
MS-4400 XYZ Automated Stage
PZMU-2000 Piezo-Z Top Plate
PZU-2000 Series XYZ Automated Stage with Piezo Z-axis Top Plate

Linear Stages

LS-Series Linear Stages

Large Stages

Automated XYZ Gantry Translation Stage
Large Stages
MS-8000 XY Automated Stage

Website: https://www.asiimaging.com/
LUDLMotorized Stages for Microscopes


BioPrecision3 LM: Motorized XY Stages

LEP’s new Linear Motor stage employs technology that eliminates the traditional motor and leadscrew drive found in conventional stages. The result is a next generation stage that provides high performance in a more compact and light weight package. The new design allows better access for loading and unloading specimens. It also reduces the height for better microscope compatibility.

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BioPrecision: Motorized XY Stages

From the high value BioPoint stage systems to the unequalled BioPrecision2 stages that feature crossed roller bearings and linear encoders, LEP has your positioning solution.


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BioPoint: Motorized XY Stages

The BioPoint 2 is the second generation value priced automation solution from Ludl Electronic Products. Specifically designed for ergonomic productivity enhancement, the stage system is carefully designed to provide high performance for routine applications at a reasonable cost.
Unique design features incorporated into the BioPoint 2 stage provide improved repeatability, resolution without affect the ease of use.

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Focus Control

High resolution focus control is an important accessory for automated systems. The high resolution stepper motor coupled to the microscope focusing mechanism is simple, precise and very effective. The integrated MAC 6000 Digipot controller provides intuitive fingertip control for fine postitioning as well as coarse focus. A unique feature provides means to disengage the motor for manual positioning if required.

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Nano Positioning – Piezo Z

State of the art. Piezo Focus; positioning for the highest possible throughput and performance. Hardware integration features provide the highest possible speed with nanometer resolution.

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Website: https://ludl.com

Prior ScientificMotorized Stages for Microscopes

Prior Scientific

ProScan: Motorized XY Stages

ProScan is a highly accurate range of stages for research microscopy and applications where accuracy and repeatability are paramount.

InvertedDescriptionTravel mm
H117New Flat top stage for most inverted microscopes114×75

UprightDescriptionTravel mm
H101aFlexible stage for most Upright microscopes114×75
H138aExtend x travel stage for 8 slides on upright microscopes240×71

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OptiScan: Motorized XY Stages

OptiScan has been designed to be a one stop solution for an economic microscope automation system for both inverted ES107 and upright ES111 microscopes.

InvertedDescriptionTravel mm
ES107New Flat top stage for most inverted Microscopes112×75

UprightDescriptionTravel mm
ES111Flexible stage for most Upright microscopes126×76

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NanoScanZ – Piezo focusing stage

The NanoScanZ Piezo focusing stage provides up to 1nm resolution and ultra high speed motion. This is provided in 100, 200, and 400um range solutions. More …

Motorised Focus Drives

Designed for easy to fit flexible Z axis control for most microscopes, and compatible with the Prior range of controllers. More …

Website: https://www.prior.com/