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Microscopes & Accessories

Grundium Grundium

Grundium has developed the world´s first smart and portable scanning microscope for medical and research specialists.Their mission is to make the modern diagnostics expertise available for everyone.

Website: https://www.grundium.com/

Grundium Ocus

Grundium Ocus – Portable Whole Slide Imaging Microscope

The Ocus is a major leap in digital pathology – It is the world’s first portable digital microscope and scanner. This microscope removes the need for physical slide transfers between clinics and laboratories, enabling live telepathology consultations. The Ocus is small, light-weight and easy-to-use. Users can transfer information digitally in real time between devices and carry the device where ever it’s needed. Users can log into Grundium’s Ocus Software using their browser where they can remotely operate the scanner to look at any part of a slide. The Remote Live View feature also lends itself to making rapid onsite evaluation.

  • 6 MP Image Sensor
  • Portable and Wireless
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • 500 Gb internal hard drive
  • Automated X Y Stage – Full (1″ X 3″) slide scanning

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