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Rapid Automated Modular Microscope System (RAMM)

Modular Design for Rapid Automation Development:
Flexible and Customizable.

The microscope system is a platform designed for high throughtput screening.
The Rapid Automated Modular Microscope system is configurable with infinity-corrected optics, dichroic filter cubes, multi-wavelength excitation and emission filter wheels, and detectors including cameras and photomultipliers. A wide range of automated features can also be added; these include: high-speed XY stages, motorized Z focusing, auto-focus, and a robotic specimen loader. The system provides a platform for high-throughput screening, genetic sequencing, experimental research, and much more.. It has been designed for flexible cost-effective original equipment manufacturer (OEM) development using high quality mean time between failures (MTBF) components to reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction.


RAMM Features

  • Featuring automated high-speed XY stages, precision piezo & motorized Z focusing, and a wide range of scanning options
  • Configurable with infinity-corrected optics, dichroic filter cubes, multi-wavelength excitation and emission filterwheels, shutters, and detectors including cameras and photomultipliers
  • Auto-focus, focus stabilization, tracker, and robotic specimen loader available
  • Arrangement provides a solid platform for high throughput screening, genetic sequencing, experimental research, and much more
  • Designed for flexible cost-effective OEM development using high quality high MTBF components to reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction

The above picture shows the RAMM frame being using in for a diSPIM configuration – light sheet microscopy.

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All in one:

Bertin Instruments

InCellis cell imager

InCellis is an all-in-one solution providing accurate results for cell culture such as transfection efficiency, cell culture confluency directly on the bench.
InCellis cell imager

InCellis cell imager provides publication-quality images of cell culture, including multi fluorescent cell labelling, and allows the calculation of cell transfection efficiency and cell culture confluency directly on the bench. Based on cutting-edge camera technology, efficient LED illumination and easy-to-use software, InCellis cell imaging system supplies a high level of performance in one minute.

The useful applications provided by InCellis can calculate the cell culture confluency and the cell transfection efficiency in a few seconds. It ensures a rapid and efficient quality control of any live cell imaging experiments.

  • High sensitivity in fluorescence with our unique low light color camera
  • Embedded dedicated cell culture applications to determine accurate cell culture confluency and transfection efficiency
  • Smart interface to save time and share your results
  • High flexibility: 6 positions objective turret and 4 fluorescent channels
  • Large field of view due to our unique optical design

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Ideal for E-Phys:

Slicescope Upgright Microscope

The SliceScope Upright Microscope is a popular fully-motorised, fixed stage, focusing nosepiece, upright microscope widely used by world-leading researchers.

Scientifica Slicescope Upgright Microscope

The SliceScope is a very stable, compact upright microscope designed to meet the demands of electrophysiology and related techniques – including two photon imaging. The versatile and modular design enables easy integration of a wide range of objectives (including those from Olympus and Nikon), light sources, optics and other accessories to best suit your application.

The small footprint and low noise electronics, as well as the remote control, have made the SliceScope an integral part of electrophysiology and rigs around the world particularly when incorporated as part of a SliceScope Pro system.

  • Price – Motor control at near manual price
  • Motorized focus control – gives remote fingertip focus control
  • Motorized condenser control – for optimal Koehler illumination
  • Narrow, Ultra stable profile – extra room for equipment around your experiment
  • Low noise electronics – suitable for demanding single channel recordings
  • Choice of contrast – Oblique, IR DIC and Dodt Contrast
  • In vivo & In vitro – can be configured and converted between the two
  • Easy pipette exchange – increased productivity and reproducible positioning
  • Modular design – easily configured into a user built 2P or confocal design
  • Unique “follow” software module – update LinLab to keep your pipettes within field of view as you move around your sample.
  • Choice of accessories – customise your SliceScope to suit your experiments needs.


  • Slice Electrophysiology
  • Fluorescent Imaging
  • Two Photon Imaging
  • Patch Clamp Electrophysiology


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Huvitz Huvitz

Huvitz – Stereo Microscopes

HSZ-600 Series

The superior performance makes it easier to work by using simple and intuitive controls.
The convenience of user-friendly and compact design creates the ideal combination.

  • Greenough Optical System: Efficient greenough optical system offers superior flatness and outstanding depth of focus.
  • Effective 6:7:1 Zoom: The predominant 6.7:1 zoom ratio provides for a flexible and effective working environment.
  • Click-Stop: To achieve consistent magnification, the Click Stop function has been implemented to improve work efficiency. (HSZ-645TR)
  • Variety of Video Ports: Huvitz exclusive video port lenses assure better quality video images for any digital camera systems. (HSZ-645TR)
  • Wider Base Stand: Ergonomic wide base stand is designed to accommodate a large sample.
  • High Intensity LED: Bright, adjustable and durable LED illuminator provides an efficient, low energy source of light.
  • 4 Split LED ring light: Compact and adaptable, this LED illuminator can light each quadrant individually or in any combination to better manage reflection and observation.

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Low Cost by Prism Optical:

Prism Optical Microscopes Prism Optical Microscopes Prism Optical

PRO 2300B Binocular or PRO 2300T Trinocular Microscopes

The Pro 2300 series are a high quality microscope with variable 6V 20 W Halogen illumination.

Coaxial Mechanical Stage.
5 position nosepiece
Coaxial fine and course focussing adjustment with friction and max height setting.
Abbe 1.25 condenser with iris and swing out low power lens, on rack and pinion and centerable.
Eyepieces WF 10x (FN 18)

Plan achromat 4x 0.10
Plan achromat 10x 0.25
Plan achromat 40x 0.65
Plan Achromat HI 100x 1.25 oil immersion

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Prism Optical Microscopes Prism Optical Microscopes Prism Optical

SMZ 6745 Series

Stereomicroscope, Zoom range 0.67 – 4.5x,
Working Distance 100mm
Eyepiece WF10X./22mm
Binocular Tube Inclined 45 deg.

with Incident and Transmitted Illumination

Zoom stereoscopic microscope with Trinocular (Photo) Tube
Zoom range 0.67 – 4.5x
Eyepiece WF10x/22mm
with Incident and Transmitted Light Illumination.

Zoom stereomicroscope with Trinocular (Photo) Tube
Zoom range 0.67 – 4.5x
Eyepiece WF10x/22mm
with Universal Stand

Prism Optical Stereo microscope Download Data Sheet

Research Grade:

Research Grade Microscopes

Scitech can also offer system solutions using research grade microscopes from the following manufacturers:

Leica Microsystems Microscopes Nikon Microscopes Olympus zeiss