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MBF Bioscience design quantitative imaging software for stereology, neuron reconstruction and image analysis, integrated with the world’s leading microscope systems to empower your research. Their development team and staff scientists are actively engaged with leading bioscience researchers, constantly working to refine their products.

Website: https://www.mbfbioscience.com

MBF Bioscience Microbright field
Stereo Investigator

Stereo Investigator

Count cells and quantify lengths, areas, and volumes with the world’s best and most-cited stereology system.

Stereology is considered in most biological sciences to be the most accurate and efficient way to estimate the number, length, and volume of cells.

A Stereo Investigator system for stereology gives you accurate, unbiased estimates of the number, length, area, and volume of cells or biological structures in a tissue specimen. It is a key research tool that has helped lead advances in numerous areas of neuroscience including neurodegenerative diseases, neuropathy, memory, and behavior, as well as other research fields including pulmonary research, spinal cord research, and toxicology.

Stereo Investigator has been cited in over 4,000 published research papers.

Unbiased stereology with Stereo Investigator – Overview

Extension Modules
  • Virtual Tissue 2D – Create 2D whole slide images
  • Virtual Tissue 3D – Create 3D whole slide images
  • Image Stack and 3D Visualization – Acquire and view 3D image stacks suitable for stereology
  • Image Montaging – Automated 3D montaging/stitching of image stacks
  • MRI Support – Analyze MRI image sets
  • Serial Section Reconstruction – 3D anatomical reconstructions from serial sections
  • Deconvolution – Deconvolution of brightfield, widefield fluorescence, and confocal images
  • Structured Illumination – Control of structured illumination hardware such as the Zeiss Apotome
  • Zen Control – Unbiased cell counting/stereology on a Zeiss LSM confocal microscope
  • Open Confocal – Unbiased cell counting/stereology on a confocal microscope
  • Fluoview – Unbiased cell counting/stereology on Olympus Fluoview 300 & 500

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