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Accurion - Active Vibration Isolation Accurion

In 2009, Halcyonics GmbH, specialist for Active Vibration Isolation Solutions and Nanofilm Technology GmbH, expert for surface analyzing tools merge to Accurion GmbH. Both divisions are well-established and look back on a long-term experience in developing and producing scientific instruments. Nanofilm has been the leader in Brewster Angle Microscopy and Imaging Ellipsometry since 1991. Halcyonics was founded in 1996 as specialist in Active Vibration Isolation. The existing product brands Nanofilm and Halcyonics are continued as product divisions of Accurion.


Accurion - Active Vibration Isolation

Nano Series

Designed for small and lightweight AFMs Nano 30 Desktop System

With the Nano series, Halcyonics introduced a new product philosophy in 2008: combine the highest performance in active vibration isolation with the smallest dimensions and an excellent cost-performance ratio. This technology even allows active vibration isolation for entry level AFM’s.

There are two standard versions currently available: the Nano 20 and the Nano 30. Both systems are very lightweight and portable. The ultra-compact isolator of the Nano 20 only weighs 5.6 kg (12.3 lbs)! Setting up the Nano system is exceptionally easy. It does not require any tuning or load adjustment prior to its use.

Just place your application on top of the Nano system, attach the cables, release the transportation lock, turn it on and that’s it! This is definitely the fastest and easiest setup of an active isolation system!

The world’s smallest active vibration isolation system is used with AFMs, in CCD Microscopy, optical setups and for ultra-precise scales. It is the perfect solution for any small and lightweight instruments. The powerful Neodymium magnets and the external controller make the Halcyonics Nano Series a small but versatile component of your instrument setup.
Nano 20 and 30 – efficient vibration isolation for even the smallest applications
Thanks to Halcyonics’ NanoControl technology, active vibration isolation takes effect right at 1 Hz and increases considerably from this frequency upwards. At above 15 Hz, Halcyonics Nano systems achieve an isolation of 40 dB – which means that 99.0% of the vibration is effectively isolated.

In addition to their high isolation from floor vibration through AVI (active vibration isolation), Nano systems also dampen application-generated vibration by AVC (active vibration control), e.g., vibration caused when the user touches the equipment.

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This is a demonstration of the efficiency of a Halcyonics active vibration isolation system made by Accurion. The vibrating spot is a laser beam reflected at a water surface and imaged by a CCD camera. The movement of the spot is caused by building vibration and nearby traffic. To emphasize the performance of the active isolation, further disturbances are generated by a rubber ball. The influence of the ball clearly can be seen while the active isolation is deactivated.

Accurion - Active Vibration Isolation Active Vibration Isolation

Halcyonics i4 Series

The halcyonics_i4 is a new designed and state of the art vibration isolation benchtop system. Besides the ultra flat carbon-design, the system will feature straightforward handling for an easy operation. The working surface of 400 x 500 mm² carries a maximum load capacity of 120 kg.

The system is suited to isolate various sensitive high-resolution measurement equipment from building vibration and other disturbing influences.

The halcyonics_i4 is based on piezoelectric type acceleration pickup, fast signal processing and electrodynamic force transduction and provides active compensation in all six degrees of freedom.

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Accurion - Active Vibration Isolation Active Vibration Isolation

Vario Series

Virtually no limits
VarioBasic Controller & Elements
There are virtually no limits employing these modular and sizeable isolation elements

With the Halcyonics_Vario elements Accurion offers three different element lengths (Vario 45, Vario 60 and Vario 90). Each element has a maximum load capacity of 180 kg (397 lbs). A standard Vario system can thus handle up to 360 kg (794 lbs). The isolation effect of the Vario elements starts right at 1 Hz and, above 10 Hz, attains more than 35 dB (98.2 %). Vario elements are always used in pairs; each matched pair must be operated in parallel alignment with respect to one another.

The VarioBasic elements, which are available in three different load ranges (100kg [220 lbs], 300 kg [660 lbs] and 600 kg [1.320 lbs]) feature manual load adjustment which make them ideally suited for integration into complex systems.

A major advantage of Halcyonics active systems is that they eliminate interfering natural low-frequency resonance that is inherent with passive systems. These have a more or less marked resonant Eigenfrequency, typically in the range from 1 to 4 Hz. Therefore these passive systems cannot suppress vibrations in this frequency range, rather they typically increase it. Compared with passive systems, Halcyonics active systems deliver excellent vibration isolation characteristics right at exceptionally low frequencies of 1-4 Hz. They actively isolate vibration for all the 6 existing degrees of freedom.

Area of applications: Vario isolation elements
The compact dimensions and versatile application options of this product series make it ideal for OEM installation, in customer-specific applications and for configuration of active vibration isolation work areas and platforms in the lab. There are virtually no limits when it comes to the range of uses offered by Vario systems.

A major application example for Vario systems is the combination of isolation elements with optical breadboards, to be used for Laser applications such as interferometers, holographic assemblies and more. Other examples can be found in many different markets: optical profilers in nanotechnology, UHV scanning tunneling microscope chambers for materials research, smaller 3D coordinate measuring machines (CMM) in production-related metrology as well as high-throughput screening technologies in modern biotechnology. In addition, the Vario elements are used with Patch-Clamp setups, Langmuir-Blodgett troughs, Ellipsometers and experiments in the field of MEMS.

Accurion - Active Vibration Isolation Active Vibration Isolation

Silencer – Active vibration isolation for high-end audio applications

People who possess high-end audio systems are fastidious. They demand an absolutely authentic rendition of their music. The Silencer takes you one gigantic step closer to this goal.

The disturbing influence of vibration has its origins in buildings, in people moving through the room and also in airbourne sound input from the loudspeakers. All these sources of disturbance lead to a distorted rendition of audio signals. The Silencer’s active damping system suppresses these disturbances masterfully, delivering spectacular results that are simply not available with passive vibration isolation systems.

The Silencer focuses on high grade, analog record-players, CD-players, power amplifiers as well as other audio components sensitive to vibration. And it offers you a new kind of absolute sound – the ultimate listening experience

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Accurion - Active Vibration Isolation Active Vibration Isolation


Ergonomic design and excellent vibration isolation
The ergonomically designed Workstation Series perfectly combines a rigid steel support frame, a proven active vibration isolation system and a smooth powder coated Aluminum or stainless steel work surface. The result is an ergonomic workplace with excellent vibration isolation performance suited for many lab applications. The Halcyonics_WSMicro is optimized for the use with microscopes – the Halcyonics_WSVario offers a multi-purpose system with a large actively vibration isolated surface.
The performance of every vibration isolation system is affected by the basic conditions in the particular laboratory. Under the most favorable conditions, the vibration isolation system is located directly on the floor. As this is not feasible in most cases, tables or supports are needed, which in turn have to meet high requirements. For its workstation systems, Halcyonics basically uses welded steel support frames that are ideal for use with active vibration isolation systems. The workstations consist of a combination of the Halcyonics_Vario series elements and a support frame perfectly matched to this system.

Applications for the Workstation Series include, but are not limited to: Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM, SPM), Inverse Microscopy with or without AFM Head, CSLM, SNOM, Profilometer, Nanoindenter, Patch-Clamp setups, Ultra-precise Scales, vibration sensitive Laser equipment, and many more.
Halcyonics Workstation_Micro 780
The WSMicro series consists of one of the reliable and proven Halcyonics_Micro 40 active vibration isolators, which is integrated into a rigid steel frame with a tabletop surface. This provides the technician and scientist with an ergonomic workplace for delicate, vibration free microscopy work. The isolation performance as well as the other data is the same as for the Halcyonics_Micro bench top unit. The integration into the tabletop offers a compact active isolated surface especially for microscopes, surrounded by a conventional non-isolated laboratory desk surface. On the non-isolated surface users can place other equipment, handle test samples or can simply write things down.

Important for users in Life Sciences: the size of the active isolated surface is big enough to carry large inverted research microscopes. And, for those users who need acoustic isolation as well: the Microscopy Workstations can be used together with Halcyonics’ acoustic enclosures.

Accurion - Active Vibration Isolation Active Vibration Isolation

Acoustic Enclosures

Protecting your equipment from airborne noise.
Acoustic Enclosure 780 on Halcyonics WS_Vario

The enclosures have been designed as accessories for the Halcyonics_WSMicro and _WSVario active workstations; however, the enclosures can be used without these workstations as well. For detailed information on Halcyonics active workstations, please see the data sheet “Halcyonis_WS Series”. It is also possible to retrofit already existing Halcyonics active workstations with acoustic enclosures. Unlike the acoustic enclosures available so far, the entire front part of the Halcyonics enclosure can be effortlessly lifted by the gas pressure supported mechanism. This provides optimal access to the interior of the equipment setup. Microscopes, one of the equipment setup options, can thus be easily accessed at an angle from either side.

The new Halcyonics enclosure consists of a multi-layer wall construction for optimal broad-band damping of acoustic noise. The walls are inclined at 4°, thereby effectively preventing sound waves from propagating. The rated reduction of the sound power level DW,w achieves 33 dB at 500 Hz. All these specifications apply to measurements performed according to DIN-EN 11546-1; for further details, please refer to the table of specifications.
The ideal solution for SPM’s and more – customized versions on request

The acoustic enclosure is ideal for equipment that is sensitive to airborne noise, such as scanning probe microscopes, systems for error identification in semiconductor wafers and other high-resolution measuring instruments. Those are best isolated by Halcyonics active workstations in combination with an acoustic enclosure against building vibration, other effects of vibration and airborne noise.

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