Nanotechnology & Surface Metrology


NanoFocus AG is a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of measurement technology and software packages for the characterization of technical surfaces. The company has been active in this field since 1994. Our confocal optical 3D surface analysis tools offer perfect quality assurance, process control and manufacturing efficiency for all industries and applications.NanoFocus AG's analysis systems allow high precision micro and nano scale 3D surface measurements. The innovative systems enable extremely fast, easy and contactless 3D measurements of topography, micro-geometry, roughness or other surface characteristics.

Nanofocus AG msurf usurf

µsurf: 3D surface measurement

The measuring system of the µsurf-product line enable automated 3D surface measurements of roughness, topography, layer thickness and volume. µsurf-measuring systems are available in different designs: from compact mobile systems and laboratory solutions up to multisensor setups on granite portal for use near production lines.

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Nanofocus AG mscan uscan

µscan: Precise 3D profilometry

Using the NanoFocus µscan technology, you can measure up to 100 times faster than with conventional probe systems. Various µscan sensors are available for the different application areas. The optical profilometers of the µscan series are suitable for the fast scanning of surface profiles with precision in the low nanometer range.

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Nanofocus AG msprint usprint

µsprint: Ultra fast line sensors

With an unparalleled scanning rate, the µsprint sensors are the ideal tool for quality and process control with high throughput rates and precise measurements. As a standalone solution for laboratories, with machine safety enclosure for industrial production environments, or as an OEM solution – the µsprint technology can be inegrated flexibly everywhere.

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Nanofocus AG msoft

µsoft: Powerful software

The µsoft software platform comprises intuitive measuring and control software, comprehensive analysis and evaluation tools, application-specific software packages as well as databank-based automation Software that meets industrial standards.

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Nanofocus AG SPIP

Third Party Software

Image Metrology’s SPIP software does support the Nanofocus File Format.

Hardness Analysis – see the following demonstration to show you how to analyze indentation experiments and calculate hardness parameters:

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