MRI Compatible Electrophysiology Headstage from Blackrock Microsystems

Mar 14, 2019
Category: General
MRI Compatible Electrophysiology Headstage from Blackrock Microsystems

The MRI Compatible Headstage from Blackrock Microsystems is a lightweight, 16 channel, single-unit, analogue recording headstage for small animals that fits in the bore with the animal. It is a headstage that offers users the ability to directly correlate neural activity with the hemodynamic changes present in awake and responsive subjects. The MRI headstage is ideal for a number of applications in the field of electrophysiology involving animals such as rodents, cats and primates.

The MRI headstage works by buffering and then proceeding to transmit neural signals through a coaxial ribbon cable to either a CerePlex A or a Front-end Amplifier (FEA). The subsequent data is then acquired by a CerePlex Direct or a Neural Signal Processor. It features a shielded ribbon cable for excellent noise immunity and is the only head-stage to record single units. The MRI headstage weighs in at an ultra-light 0.5 g and has dimensions of 10mm x 20mm x 2.3mm, and it’s compatible with the Utah Array or any other electrodes consisting of an Omnetics 24-pin female connector.

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