ZephIR 1.7™ SWIR Infra-Red Camera

Mar 12, 2019
Category: General
ZephIR 1.7™ SWIR Infra-Red Camera

The Zephir 1.7™ SWIR camera from Canadian company Photon Etc, is based on a sensitive InGaAs FPA and integrates a four-stage TE cooler. The ZephIR 1.7™ SWIR camera delivers an astounding 200 frame-per-second rate while reaching unrivalled low noise levels. Perfectly adapted for challenging scientific and industrial infra-red applications, it’s spectral range is 800-1700nm.

First designed for demanding faint-flux applications such as small animal imaging, these cameras also bring new capabilities for industrial applications in quality control and sorting.

Photon etc’s infra-red camera, applicable in the fields of Safety and Security, is an ideal tool for the rapid detection of explosive liquid precursors and in also in Environment and Agriculture fields where it’s hyperspectral imagery can be efficiently used to identify any type of molecules through the analysis of its characteristic spectrum.

  • 200 frame-per-second
  • 4-stages TEC
  • Low noise level
  • InGaAs FPA
  • Optimal from 0.8 to 1.7 µm

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