pco.dicam C1 Intensified 16 bit sCMOS Camera

Mar 12, 2019
Category: General
pco.dicam C1 Intensified 16 bit sCMOS Camera

PCO have just released the pco.dicam C1- the first camera to combine a high resolution 25 mm image intensifier with a 16 bit (4.2 MP) sCMOS sensor via an ultra-efficient tandem lens, and subsequently delivers enhanced extinction ratio gating and a new benchmark in the ability to detect individual photons at the shortest possible exposure times of 3 ns - 1 s.

The pco dicam C1 camera has the capacity to achieve 104 fps at full resolution, 2048 x 2048 pixels whilst ensuring an ultra-low readout noise of 1.1 e- (the lowest readout noise of any gated intensified camera system). It incorporates a high-speed tandem lens to deliver outstanding image quality with high transmission efficiency. Camera Link HS guarantees uncompressed and secure data transfer. The latest standard of high-performance data interfaces enables the bridging of long distances via fiber optic cable. F-mount, C-mount or EF mount with Lens Control are available.

This camera has a host of different applications in the fields of life science and industrial science including laser induced incandescence (LII) shock wave physics, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), particle image velocimetry (PIV), time-resolved spectroscopy, plasma physics, laser-induced fluorescence (LIF), ballistics and combustion.

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