pE-800 8-channel LED Widefield Illumination

Nov 27, 2020
Category: General
pE-800 8-channel LED Widefield Illumination

The arrival of the pE-800 from CoolLED, sees LEDs take centre stage as the widefield illumination method of choice. Featuring eight individually controllable LEDs and lightning fast TTL switching, the pE-800 delivers the highest quality data with minimum total cost of ownership. Versatile, intuitive and backed by CoolLED’s world-renowned support and a 36-month warranty, the pE-800 with liquid light guide delivery makes next generation LED illumination accessible to all. Eight individual analogue inputs allow irradiance to be controlled from 0-100 % for each channel via analogue signal (0-10 v), which is ideal for electrophysiology and optogenetics applications.

Industry-leading <7 µs TTL triggering is a breakthrough for live cell imaging. Capturing dynamic events is possible with the highest temporal resolution and even without software, thanks to precise hardware synchronisation via TTL input for each channel and compatibility with the pE-6501-8 (USB controlled TTL Conversion Kit).

The ability to fit inline excitation filters capitalises on TTL trigger speeds, as single-band excitation filters can be installed for each channel. When used alongside multi-band filters, for example in a Pinkel configuration, this removes the need for expensive external filter wheels and overcomes the latency restrictions of mechanical movement, presenting a low-cost approach to high-speed imaging.

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