BrainDancer™ fMRI Calibration System for Brain Imaging

Aug 9, 2021
Category: General
BrainDancer™ fMRI Calibration System for Brain Imaging

BrainDancer™ by ALA Scientific is a commercial-grade dynamic phantom, designed to identify and correct systematic scanner-induced noise using ALA Scientific’s deep learning algorithm, NoiseNet™. BrainDancer™ can be used in a variety of applications such as Macropatch, Single Channel and whole cell recording, Cardiac Rhythmicity, Systems Neuroscience, Exocytosis, Brain/Spinal cord slice recording and Retinol Physiology.

Features include:

  • Pneumatically controlled movement
  • Pneumatically controlled movement
  • Rotating inner cylinder to produce T2* changes within voxels
  • Imitates BOLD amplitudes of human brains
  • Motion is synchronized with MR scanner
  • Externally triggered programmable sequences
  • NoiseNet™ software for temporal noise estimation
  • Cleaner signal and stronger results

The BrainDancer™ dynamic phantom not only improves the signal-to-noise ratio, but can also be used for standardisation of protocols and normalisation between scanners.

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