High Resolution Multiphoton Imaging with Scientifica HoloStim-3D

Feb 19, 2021
Category: General
High Resolution Multiphoton Imaging with Scientifica HoloStim-3D

The HoloStim-3D from Scientifica enables you to perform more complex photostimulation experiments than those that are possible with random-access two-photon or widefield photostimulation. Discover the roles of neuronal subtypes, brain circuits and behaviours by simultaneously imaging and photostimulating hundreds of individual cells in 3D, with precise targeting of cells across large areas of the brain.

By selectively photostimulating only the target cells and rapidly switching between stimulation patterns, you can better understand neuronal interactions in networks. Specifically target cells and subcellular structures in layer 4 and beyond, achieving high-quality images. You can quickly switch stimulation patterns to better mimic neuronal firing, improving the accuracy of your data.

The industry-leading resolution of the Holostim-3D allows cell bodies and subcellular structures to be specifically targeted with minimal off-target activation. This gives cleaner, more accurate data.

Target cells in larger brain regions to understand larger neuronal networks. The large field-of- view of the HoloStim-3D also allows you to use a higher magnification and resolution objective and still achieve the required field-of-view. Being able to excite or image target cells expressing different opsins or fluorescent proteins increases experimental flexibility.

The modularity of the HyperScope and HoloStim-3D means you can start with a Scientifica SliceScope upright microscope or Scientifica HyperScope multiphoton imaging system, and upgrade to SLM capability when required. This fully integrated hardware and software solution means you can start experimenting straight away.

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