Lumencor SOLA Light Engines for Life Science

Jan 13, 2021
Category: General
Lumencor SOLA Light Engines for Life Science

Lumencor’s new family of SOLA light engines are now the market leaders in modern solid-state illumination for microscopy and other life science applications.

Eight years after its introduction, and with thousands of light engines in service, Lumencor has further enhanced the SOLA light engine product line with the addition of active light output stabilization, fully linear intensity control and electronic control interfaces on all models.

The four SOLA light engine models are primarily distinguished by spectral distribution differences in their light output. The SOLA light engine provides white light output for excitation of DAPI, GFP/FITC, YFP, Cy3, mCherry, Cy5 and spectrally similar fluorophores. In the SOLA FISH light engine, output in the 475–600 nm region is red-shifted to provide optimal excitation for SpectrumGreen™, SpectrumRed™ and other fluorophores commonly used for fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) analysis in cytogenetic testing laboratories. The SOLA V-nIR and U-nIR light engines offer the broadest spectral coverage, including near infrared (nIR) output for excitation of fluorophores such as Cy7 and ICG, and for other applications that benefit from the enhanced tissue penetration of nIR light.

SOLA light engines contain no parts requiring replacement or alignment, need no routine maintenance and have a typical working lifetime of ten years, far exceeding that of any lamp. All SOLA light engines are mercury-free and RoHS compliant.

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