MagRes - MRI Compatible Headstage for small animal research

Aug 9, 2021
Category: General
MagRes - MRI Compatible Headstage for small animal research

The MagRes from Blackrock Microsystems is a single-unit, analogue recording, MRI-compatible headstage available for small animal and non-human primate researchers to directly correlate neural activity with haemodynamic changes detected on MRI for awake and responsive subjects.

The MagRes has been successfully tested for heating, migration and image artifact in the MRI environment up to 16.4Tesla and can record single unit spikes and wide band signals while in an MRI during scan without distorting image (no imaging artifact).

Lightweight and small (16 ch = 0.5gm,8mm x 19mm x 2mm, 32 ch <1.0gm, 16mm x 19mm x 2mm), the MagRes has a small form factor allowing the animal to comfortably wear the analogue headstage while in the MRI during operation.

The MagRes provides an isolated low-impedance output that guarantees signal integrity, minimises noise pickup by cables and ensures maximum common-mode noise rejection when using the Cereplex A. The MagRes headstage is compatible with MicroFlex Array, Cereplex Direct, CereStim and the Cerebus which are all available from Blackrock Microsystems.

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