Photometrics Kinetix Ultra Fast, 10.2MP, 500 FPS sCMOS Camera

Jun 23, 2021
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Photometrics Kinetix Ultra Fast, 10.2MP, 500 FPS sCMOS Camera

The back-illuminated Kinetix Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera from Teledyne Photometrics delivers the fastest speed and the largest field of view with the most balanced pixel size and near perfect 95% quantum efficiency. This makes it the camera of choice in fluorescence microscopy, high content imaging, biochip, microarray and genomic applications. When imaging at high-speed, sensitivity becomes key. This is why Teledyne Photometrics developed a new, sub-electron mode with 0.7e- read noise, making the Kinetix sCMOS camera the most versatile low-light imaging camera ever made.

Taking advantage of an 8-bit readout mode, the Kinetix sCMOS camera delivers a tremendous 500 frames per second (fps), full frame with a 29.4 mm diagonal field of view. The optimized line time allows the speed to significantly outperform typical sCMOS devices, delivering over 5000 megapixels/second – over a 10-fold improvement.

The 29.4 mm square sensor of the Kinetix camera is designed to increase throughput, maximize the amount of data captured in a single frame and take full advantage of new, larger field of view microscopes. At 29.4 mm diagonal, the 10.2MP Kinetix sensor has a 2.4x larger imaging area than typical sCMOS cameras allowing the user to significantly speed up data acquisition.

The camera achieves a near-perfect 95% quantum efficiency.By bringing the light in from the back of the sensor, photons land directly onto the light receiving surface, maximizing light collecting capability. By combining this 95% quantum efficiency with a sub-electron low 0.7 e- read noise it delivers the most sensitive sCMOS camera available.

The Kinetix camera features 6.5 µm x 6.5 µm pixels, the accepted standard for most live cell applications using 40x and 60x magnification. This pixel size provides highly detailed images across the imaging plane and is most suitable for the broadest range of microscope objectives. It also features Pattern Noise Reduction Technology and Correlated Noise Reduction Technology to ensure that it delivers clean, pattern-free images with minimal pixel defects, delivering improved image quality in low light conditions.

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