Pixelink PL-X 10GigE Industrial Cameras

Apr 7, 2021
Category: General
Pixelink PL-X 10GigE Industrial Cameras

Pixelink's new high performing PL-X machine vision camera series with 10 GigE interface give you speed, accuracy and reliability in a quick and easy set-up. Four camera models are available and include 7MP, 12MP, 20MP and 24MP versions and incorporate Sony’s Pregius Sensor line including the newest 4th generation sensors.

Additional features including Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), Trigger-over-Ethernet (ToE), IEEE 1588 clock synchronization (PTP) and high speed data transfer making the cameras suitable for applications such as automated inspection, sports analysis, VR and AR applications, broadcasting, 3D mapping, research and multi-camera application requiring synchronization.

Sensor features such as back-illumination and global shutter support the capture of accurate, reliable, distortion-free images of large moving objects and include high bandwidth for high-speed imaging. Enclosed or board level versions available.

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