Polygon DMD Pattern Illuminator for Targeted Photostimulation

Jan 13, 2021
Category: General
Polygon DMD Pattern Illuminator for Targeted Photostimulation

Mightex’s market-leading Polygon DMD pattern illuminator provides precise spatiotemporal control of light with subcellular resolution, making it the perfect illumination tool for life science research. It integrates into any electrophysiology, two-photon or confocal microscope setup and includes powerful user-friendly software to help execute sophisticated patterned illumination experiments for research.

The Polygon uses digital mirror device (DMD) technology to illuminate multiple regions simultaneously. A DMD is composed of hundreds of thousands of micro-mirrors that can be individually turned on to reflect light onto the sample. Thus, you can control each mirror to control the area(s) of illumination and create any number of different sized patterns. The Polygon DMD pattern illuminator can be mounted into the infinity-path of any microscope.

The Polygon enables scientists to precisely control where light will hit their sample. With subcellular resolution, the Polygon can illuminate any cellular feature in any shape or size simultaneously on their sample. It provides great flexibility when it comes down to wavelength selection. From UV to VIS/NIR range, the Polygon can project light of different colours suitable for your light-sensitive constructs.

The Polygon DMD pattern illuminator can control the initiation, duration, and intensity of light stimulation patterns. Additionally, create different waveforms to control the light intensity and duration outputted from the Polygon.

The Polygon DMD pattern illuminator can be used with a wide-range light sources, including LEDs and lasers. It is also compatible with Mightex’s OASIS Implant for freely-behaving imaging and optogenetics and OASIS Macro for cortex-wide imaging and optogenetics.

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