Teledyne SP Devices: ADQ14 - multi-channel, 14-bit digitizers

May 28, 2021
Category: General
Teledyne SP Devices: ADQ14 - multi-channel, 14-bit digitizers

The Teledyne SP Devices ADQ14 is a high-performance 14-bit data acquisition platform which offers complete and versatile solutions for advanced measurements. It comes with a generous set of hardware, firmware, and software features which help simplify integration. Every aspect of the measurement process from the detector, real-time signal processing, data visualization, and more are included. Applications include LiDAR, RADAR, wireless communication, high-speed data recording, test and measurement, ultrasonic ranging, time-of-flight scientific instruments, swept-source OCT, Thomson scattering and more.

The Teledyne SP Devices 14-bit digitizer family, ADQ14 with 1, 2, or 4 channels and 0.5, 1, or 2 GSPS sampling rate per channel comes in six different form factors and is available with either AC or DC coupling (ADQ14AC and ADQ14DC) and variable DC-bias. Form factors include USB 3.0, 10 GbE, PCIe (dual-slot) and SSPCIe (single-slot PCIe), PXIe and MTCA.4. This simplifies retrofitting in existing systems as a drop-in replacement.

Selected features include flexible choice of sampling rate, channel count, and multi-board synchronization, advanced programmable analogue front-end supporting high input bandwidth, open FPGA for real-time DSP and stand-alone application-specific firmware, up to 6 GByte/s data transfer rate and optional peer-to-peer streaming to GPU and wide selection of form factors to help simplify integration. The software development kit is available both for Windows and Linux with a number of host interface options.

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