X-Cite NOVEM 9-Channel LED Illumination System

Feb 10, 2021
Category: General
X-Cite NOVEM 9-Channel LED Illumination System

The X-Cite NOVEM by Excelitas, is the next generation of LED light sources delivering the brightest and most powerful LED illumination. This nine-wavelength, fast-switching system includes spectral coverage from Fura-2 all the way to IR800. The patented LaserLED Hybrid Drive® effortlessly fills the green gap in the challenging 500 – 600nm range. The X-Cite NOVEM features high excitation power for fluorescence applications across the UV-visible-NIR spectrum. With four configuration options and pre-installed clean-up filters, researchers can choose the combination best-suited to their existing and future microscopy imaging applications.

With nine individually controllable channels, the X-Cite NOVEM is bright enough to rival arc lamps in microscopy applications. Reduced sample exposure and scanning times will translate to improved image quality and productivity in most applications. Each channel can be set to its own intensity, in 1% increments, providing full control and flexibility together with exceptional uniformity and stability.

Unique to the X-Cite NOVEM, its spectral coverage extends from UV to IR. Researchers can image Fura-2 using the 340/385nm LEDs for ratio-metric calcium imaging, powerful excitation for Cy7, and for the first time, IR800 and other emerging far-red fluorophores.

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