VT-iSIM Multi Point Super Resolution Imaging System

Jun 16, 2022
Category: General
VT-iSIM Multi Point Super Resolution Imaging System

VT-iSIM from VisiTech International is the world’s first Multi Point Super Resolution Imaging System. The system enables parallel processing of emitted photons through the emission micro-lens array optic thus allowing super resolution images to be collected at up to 200fps at a pixel resolution of 1024x1024 and FOV of 66.56x66.56um. Spatial resolution at this rate of acquisition is maintained at 120nm in X & Y and 300nm in Z, without the requirement for additional magnification.

The VT-iSIM imaging system can image at spatial and temporal resolutions and does not require any specific fluorophores, immersion oils, objective lenses or microscope frames to work. If you have a sample which fluoresces you can enhance your spatial and axial resolution by up to 2X regular for wide-field microscopy. VT-iSIM produces images beyond the diffraction limit in real time onto a 2D array detector such as a sCMOS camera with no post processing required. With a sCMOS camera the achievable capture rates are 200fps @ 1024x1024, 400fps @ 1024x512 and 800fps @ 1024x256.

VT-iSIM can chromatically split the fluorescence emission by wavelength onto multiple array detectors or even onto a single array detector to enable parallel multi-colour image acquisition at spatial resolutions of 120x120x300 and temporal resolutions of up to 1KHz.

VT-iSIM uses multi-point confocal scanning to generate super resolution images with low photo-bleaching, and the ability to image thicker samples such as tissue sections or whole animals. The system also features variable pin hole size selectable from 10-64um and an automated 3-position dichroic changer. Other features include a regular or high speed 6-position emission filter changer and excitation is achievable with up to 6 SS lasers from visible range (405, 445, 488, 514, 532, 561, 642). Perfect camera & excitation sync comes as standard. For accurate sampling, the camera must have pixel size <6.5um and the camera connection is via regular c-mount.

The VT-iSIM can be added to any regular epi-fluorescent microscope (upright or inverted eg Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss or Leica ) to enable a cost effective path into high speed super resolution imaging. The upgrade can be performed on site with other unique software platforms including VoxCell Scan, Meta-Morph and NIS Elements.

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