C-RED 2 Extended Range InGaAs SWIR Camera

May 31, 2023
Category: General
C-RED 2 Extended Range InGaAs SWIR Camera

The C-RED 2 Extended Range (ER) by First Light Advanced Imaging, is a highly sensitive extended short wave infrared camera (1300 nm – 2200 nm) based on a VGA (640 x 512 pixels) ER-InGaAs detector array. The C-RED 2 ER SWIR camera combines extremely high framerates (up to 600 frames per second in full frame) to high sensitivity with a readout noise below 50 e- RMS. Available in 2 versions; the C-RED 2 ER SWIR 1.9um and 2.2um opens new perspectives for a wide range of applications in industry including multispectral imaging, quality/production control and laser beam characterization.

The camera can be cooled down to -55°C with water cooling (no Liquid Nitrogen) for optimized performances. C-RED 2 SWIR Extended Range comes with multiple embedded corrections that can be applied on-the-fly: bad pixels correction, 2-point Non-Uniformity Correction, etc. with no degradation of the image spatial resolution, loss of speed, or restriction on framerate.

The camera offers both USB and Camera Link® Full interfaces. It is integrated in the First Light Vision Graphical User Interface (GUI) which is cross-platform (Windows®10, Linux Ubuntu 16.04 & 18.04, and all Nvidia Jetson). To help programmers develop their own interface for C-RED 2 ER, the Software Development Kit (SDK) provides source codes for short demos in C/C++, Labview, Python and MatLab.

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