CICERO – a complete Widefield and Spinning Disk Confocal System

April 5, 2023
Category: General
CICERO – a complete Widefield and Spinning Disk Confocal System

CICERO is the latest spinning disk confocal microscope system from CrestOptics. Offering an all-in-one solution for widefield and confocal imaging it enables users to simply switch between modes as their imaging requirements evolve. It can be integrated into any imaging setup transforming it into a user-friendly and reliable confocal system. Widefield mode supports informative data collection from samples, such as cell monolayers and tissue sections, whereas the confocal mode allows higher-quality analysis of larger 3D structures, including organoids or whole organisms. Additionally, CICERO’s speed and light efficiency provides the capability for prolonged live imaging and the capture of fast cellular events, such as chromosome segregations and organelle trafficking.

Life sciences, metrology, and material sciences are among the disciplines relying increasingly on high-resolution 3D imaging. Both entry-level and challenging applications can be addressed by using LED (3mm LLG) or multimode Laser as illumination sources.

With its small footprint, the CICERO delivers fast image acquisition speed (15K rpm) and sensitivity, easily enabling live cell imaging and large-scale 3D object imaging. Due to its large field of view (up to 22mm FOV), the CICERO offers a minimal scanning process and can capture large samples in a single frame. With an excitation range of 390-750nm and emission range of 430-850nm the CICERO offers a wide wavelength coverage.

Uniquely designed, CICERO fits upright and inverted microscope frames with a C-mount camera port, providing maximum configuration flexibility. CICERO allows seamless integration with all major microscopy systems and ensures an easy user experience. The disk is hosted in a sealed compartment securing a dust-free environment.

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