ChemiSOLO - high-quality, quantitative chemiluminescent imager

Feb 24, 2023
Category: General
ChemiSOLO - high-quality, quantitative chemiluminescent imager

The chemiSOLO from Azure Biosystems is a new, personal chemiluminescent imager by that delivers high-quality, quantitative imaging suited to applications such as Chemiluminescent Western Blotting, Densitometry and Visible Gel Imaging.

The chemiSOLO detects low-expressing proteins with femtogram sensitivity and captures marker images at the push of a button. The chemiSOLO’s wide dynamic range can be further enhanced by using Extended Dynamic Range function (EDR). This feature allows for linear, quantitative data, while avoiding saturation.

A unique web browser interface allows the chemiSOLO to be controlled by phone, tablet, or PC, without the need to install any additional software and it’s compact design will fit neatly into any busy lab space.

In addition to Western blots, the chemiSOLO captures Coomassie stained protein gels, Silver stained protein gels, Colorimetric stained blots, Densitometry and plant bioluminescence.

The imager measures 29.2 x 43.2 x 22.2cm and weighs only 9kg. It is equipped with a 6.29 MP 16bit back illuminated, peltier cooled CMOS camera, ethernet port for direct connection, two USB ports for internet connection or direct data transfer, embedded LED’s for capturing marker and colorimetric gel images and an image stage with a field of view 10 x 15cm.

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