Evolve 16 - EMCCD Camera with Maximum Sensitivity

Jul 14, 2023
Category: General
Evolve 16 - EMCCD Camera with Maximum Sensitivity

The Evolve® 16 is a high-resolution, back-illuminated EMCCD camera from Teledyne Imaging providing the highest sensitivity in the Evolve Range for lowest light applications such as single molecule imaging, TIRF microscopy and much more.

Features of the Evolve® 16 camera include an active array size of 512 x 512 EMCCD, 16μm pixel size, a frame rate of 61 frames/second, 11.6mm field of view and 95% quantum efficiency.

When you can count your photons on one hand, you need the lowest noise possible. Alongside back-illumination for maximum quantum efficiency, the Evolve uses Electron Multiplication to achieve a read noise as low as 0.25e- without sacrificing frame rate.

Through their single output amplifier, EMCCDs offer uniform noise performance across the sensor. This is highly advantageous for analysis in many single-molecule fluorescence imaging techniques.

The Evolve fine tunes the performance of EMCCD sensors to provide excellent image quality though careful electronic design and calibration.

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