Imaris v10.1 Image Analysis Software with AI

Dec 1, 2023
Category: General
Imaris v10.1 Image Analysis Software with AI

Oxford Instruments has released Imaris 10.1, the latest version of its microscopy image analysis software suited to applications such as Cancer, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Neuroscience, quantitative analysis of organoids, segmentation and visualisation of greyscale images in CT and MRI imaging and automated segmentation of SEM images.

Over the last 30 years Imaris has continuously improved upon its visualisation technology for 3D/4D fluorescence images to accommodate ever increasing image sizes while introducing a range of analytical tools for cell biologists, neuroscientists and other life science disciplines. To best serve the image analysis community Imaris has integrated a trainable AI segmentation tool for challenging images, which is now available to all Imaris users.

This latest release integrates AI segmentation tools into the main image analysis workflows, improving ease of use and providing better and more versatile segmentation tools. A native trainable AI pixel classifier is an integral part of the big data capable surface segmentation model. Using the Imaris AI pixel classifier simplifies and improves the segmentation and object detection in challenging fluorescent datasets.

Key features include efficient training on thick slices (visualising biological structures), smooth and slick brush training tool, real-time predictions preview, automated use on multiple images (with retrain option) and fast computations for big datasets (100s of GBs).

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