QPatch® Compact - A Semi-automated Patch Clamp Solution

Jul 12, 2023
Category: General
QPatch® Compact - A Semi-automated Patch Clamp Solution

QPatch® Compact by Sophion Bioscience, is a flexible semi-automated patch clamp solution suited perfectly for applications such as ion channel research and drug discovery./p>

QPatch® Compact allows full control of gigaseal ion channel recordings in up to 8 cells in parallel. The bench-top system offers an effortless and accurate patch clamp experience with minimum set-up and maintenance required. Ideal for busy laboratories that require higher throughput than manual patch clamping can provide, or laboratories who need electrophysiology data, but do not have trained patch clampers. With QPatch Compact, anyone can learn to patch-clamp in less than half an hour.

With up to 8 sites in parallel, QPatch® Compact provides sufficient throughput to rapidly obtain replicas and fuels data generation for your next publication or medicinal chemistry program. In addition, it has proven to be a valuable tool for graduate and postgraduate teaching.

QPatch® Compact also offers Giga-Ω seal in physiological Ringer’s solutions – no need for seal enhancers or fluoride, manual liquid additions give full flexibility, on the run changing of protocols, Sophion Analyzer designed for easy and automated data analysis.

The unique design of the QPlates ensures consistent quality recordings time after time. Liquid exchange via microfluidic channels is fast and complete. The glass surfaces prevent adherence of sticky compounds and offers ready-to-use individual electrode pairs – no need to ever re-chloride electrodes again.

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