WormLab - Software for Tracking C. elegans

May 5, 2023
Category: General
WormLab - Software for Tracking C. elegans

The team at MBF Bioscience have collaborated with world leading C. elegans researchers to develop an easy-to-use worm tracking system with powerful analysis tools. WormLab is a complete hardware/software solution for imaging and quantitative analysis of C. elegans and other nematodes (such as parasitic worms). In fact, WormLab has also been used to track Drosophila larvae.

Using the WormLab patented worm-tracking technology, you have access to dozens of detailed metrics, including speed, direction, and distance travelled. Fully characterize dynamic changes in posture, amplitude of sinusoidal movement and accurately quantify complex movements such as omega bends, coiling, self-overlap, swimming, and thrashing. Easily and efficiently investigate subtle effects on social interactions such as aggregation, social foraging and mating.

The optimized WormLab video acquisition system fully automates optogenetic and mechano-sensation assays so that you can easily correlate behaviour with programmable stimuli. This also frees up lab resources considerably while improving the efficiency and reproducibility of worm-behaviour assays. Easy image acquisition and analysis using the intuitive WormLab software interface enables you to start working immediately.

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