pE 400 Controllable White Light Microscopy Illumination

Feb 17, 2023
Category: General
pE 400 Controllable White Light Microscopy Illumination

CoolLED’s pE-400 is a simple bright white light microscopy Illumination system and a controllable, cost-effective replacement for mercury and metal halide lamps making it a natural choice for cleaner, greener labs. It brings a new level of efficiency to applications such as fluorescence microscopy applications or sample visualisation on confocal setups, making the inconvenience of lamps a thing of the past.

Four powerful LEDs offer intense, broad-spectrum coverage from 365-635 nm for the most popular fluorophores, ranging from DAPI through YFP to Cy5.

The pE-400 illumination system comprises a pE-400 Light Source, power supply and control pod for operation. Global control of the white light is quick and simple with manual control pod, which includes on/off and irradiance settings. Unlike traditional white light sources, global control is possible within third-party imaging software via USB connection. Increasing temporal resolution to <10 μs and a global TTL input offers precise hardware synchronization.

The compact pE-400 is compatible with the majority of microscope models, with two light delivery configurations available: direct fit and liquid light guide.

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