pco.edge 6.2 LE - long exposure sCMOS camera

April 26, 2023
Category: General
pco.edge 6.2 LE - long exposure sCMOS camera

The Excelitas pco.edge 6.2 LE sCMOS camera is considered the successor of deep-cooled CCD, long exposure cameras. The design is optimized to realize long exposure times from milliseconds to minutes or even up to one hour. Together with a high full well capacity and the wide range of exposure times, it is suitable for a broad field of low-light imaging applications like fluorescence, chemiluminescence, or astronomy.

The monochrome image sensor offers high resolution of 6.2MPixel and is thermally stabilized at low temperatures down to -20 °C in order to reduce the dark current to a minimum.

Other features include wide exposure time range of 1 ms up to 3600 s, extremely low dark current 0.3 e-/pixel/s, no glow modification, peak quantum efficiency of 63 % @ 500 nm and true charge domain global shutter, outstanding parasitic light sensitivity 1:10 000, high intra-scene dynamic range 70 dB and single cable connectivity (power & data) via USB 3.1 Gen 1

Specifications include high resolution 2496 x 2496 pixel, pixel size of 5 µm x 5 µm, maximum frame rate @ full resolution of 6 fps, outstanding parasitic light sensitivity 1:10 000 and the cooling method is thermo-electrical cooling in combination with forced air (fan) and water cooling (optional).

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