pco.edge 10 bi LT – back illuminated sCMOS Camera with high MTF

March 27, 2023
Category: General
pco.edge 10 bi LT – back illuminated sCMOS Camera with high MTF

The pco.edge 10 bi LT sCMOS camera from PCO comes with a back-illuminated image sensor offering up to 85% quantum efficiency with broad spectrum out to NIR, making it the camera of choice for applications in microscopy, life science, and physical science.

The sensor is temperature stabilized, monochrome and incorporates micro lenses and a full pixel height deep trench isolation for crosstalk suppression resulting in an excellent MTF. Further, the camera provides a large image circle by using a high-resolution 4416 x 2368 pixel 10.46 MPixel image sensor with a square pixel size of 4.6 um.

An extremely low dark current and a readout noise of 1.3 eˉ@ 120 fps electrons is achieved by thermal stabilization and active cooling of the image sensor. Moreover, the sensor technology enables reduction of the noise peak and tail in the noise distribution histogram, which makes it comparable to the noise behavior of CCD sensors. Together with a high full well capacity, this leads to a dynamic range of 15,385:1. The camera offers high frame rates of up to 120 fps and transmission via a CLHS fiber-optic link.

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