Calobox – metabolic measuring for animal behaviour research

Feb 16, 2024
Category: General
Calobox – metabolic measuring for animal behaviour research

The PhenoSys CaloBox is a reliable and easy-to-use metabolic measuring device for experimental research and teaching of animal behaviour. It is specifically designed to make indirect calorimetry of mice, rats, birds and other small vertebrates feasible for every researcher. Common applications include animal metabolism, nutrition, heat regulation, thermoregulation, bioenergetics, activity, animal behaviour, energy balance, resting metabolic rate, energetics of locomotion, and much more.

The Phenosys CaloBox package comes as a ready-to-use set-up. This entails the CaloBox itself, with its sensor and pump functionality, the computer with preinstalled software package, and a tubing set. Connect the tubing to PhenoSys’s optimized measuring cuvette for mice or to your own chamber and start your experiment.

Key features include measurement of metabolic rate (O2, CO2 and H2O), direct report of energy expenditure and respiratory, exchange ratio, push-button operation, no air drying required and continuous recording with down to 4 sec intervals.

The Calobox automatically measures and calculates typical indirect calorimetry parameters such as metabolic rate, energy expenditure (EE), and respiratory exchange ratio (RER).

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